The gift of handmade …

I’m so happy to be a part of the first week of Gussy‘s new weekly feature, Inspiration Workshop. I tell ya, that Maggie, er Gussy, is one smart cookie.

When I saw this week’s prompt, Handmade … I immediately new what I wanted to post about … handmade gifts.

I’m a lucky girl. I am. I try not to take that for granted.

For my birthday last week I was spoiled way beyond what I deserve. I received three handmade gifts that I just love and want to share them with you. They are each completely different and each perfectly me.

First, my kindred {crafty} heart friend gave me the sweetest little adornment for my sewing room. A vintage wooden spool framed on a fabric background. SO simple, so sweet, so perfect.

Second, my oldest {as in years we’ve been friends} friend gave me a bag full of crocheted spoils. She is a crocheting machine!! I keep trying to talk her into opening a shop on Etsy, but for now she just loves gifting her stitches … seriously, this girl is SO generous with her work. She made me this BEAUTIFUL table runner out of crocheted doilies.

Doesn’t it look stunning against the dark stain on the sofa table?

And because she had some yarn left over, she also made me these trivets. Love them. And, and, and … yes there was more! She also made me a set of these adorable ‘swiffer’ covers {I forgot to photo mine, but they are aqua, lime green and orange}.

Third, an incredibly talented friend {one of 4 ‘online’ friends I’ve been blessed to have in my life the last 5+ years} sent me the most perfect embroidery hoop. I think my jaw hit the ground and then I proceeded to carry the hoop around with me so I could keep smiling at it. Uhm, yes … I’m serious. I mean look at this …

Not only is the stitching impeccible, but it’s spot on ME! The cropped pants, the sweater, the slippers … uncanny! Even my sweets had to laugh at how perfect it was for me. This is going to hang right next to me & my sewing machine and will bring me many smiles.

I think that is what I love best about a handmade gift. It isn’t about how much it cost to make {which is sometimes not much at all} but the thought, time and effort put into the gift. It doesn’t have to be as involved as these gifts either, it could be as simple as a card or as sweet as a plate of fresh baked cookies.

In today’s hectic and busy world, something that involved someone’s TIME speaks volumes to the heart!


Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!


  1. Visiting from Gussy’s link-up… what fun things! Love that simple spool all framed up!

  2. I agree…handmade could make the world go round as far as Im concerned. Theres nothing better than a thoughtful, handmade gift. In fact, Im quite green with jealousy here lookin at all those beautiful gifts you got.

  3. You’re worth it! I should thank you, I always love an excuse to by yarn and crochet :)

  4. Such cute gifts. Happy Belated BD.

  5. Yes, you are a lucky girl! I would LOVE to have any one of those delightful goodies, but I think my favs are the table runner and trivets. I think the Swiffer covers are precious beyond words, and I just don’t think I would bear to get it dirty. :)

  6. Love that framed spool! And yes, handmade gifts are so wonderful. :) I love giving them to those I love!

  7. Those are amazing! That hoop is unbelievable. You have great friends! Happy birthday 😉

  8. hand made gifts are the best

  9. What beautiful gifts! The embroidery is to die for – what a fun expression of your personality :)

  10. you have sweet friends.. I love handmade gifts, both giving and receiving… and happy bday!!

  11. What a fun little surprise to see that spool again. I just loved it! I’m glad you do too! I’m going to be looking for more of those this weekend!
    The table runner is so beautiful! I love the colors! You’re right, Bethany is so very generous with her time & talent!
    And hello? That embroidery is 100% YOU! What a fun gift!

  12. Those are all great! I love that we get to be inspired by sharing in others’ inspirations!

  13. how could anyone go wrong with giving something handmade. it’s from the heart,

  14. Oh my goodness! Those gifts are adorable and incredibly thoughtful.

    Came over from Gussy Sews and now following!

  15. I just adore you Sweet~Pea!
    LOVE your enthusiasm!
    ADORE that precious embrodried hoop!
    SEWWWW Cute!
    Happy Weekend at Farm Chicks!
    Wish I was there too!

  16. Love all your handmade goodies…what kind of bribe would I have to send J for some of those doilies? LOL

    So happy your day was amazing, you deserve it!

    P.S. I’m stealing pics of the embroidered you because I forgot to take any. 😀

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