This week …

… was a great week.

A week where several days in a row *almost* everything got checked off my to-do list.

A week where I’ve exercised 3 out of the last 6 days.

A week where I got a quilt cut and the front and back sewn.

A week where the balance of family and work was in pretty great alignment. {i.e. Mt. Laundry was scaled and is no longer.}

A week where I made dinner 4 out of 6 nights.

A week where I made muffins and applesauce.

A week where I took several naps.{My ‘grass’ allergies did not make the ‘great’ part of this week.}

A week where we said goodbye to school and hello to Summer.

I blog this not to brag or say, ‘look how great I was this week’, but rather to be thankful for this week. To be able to remember this week when I have a not so great week. To encourage me to have more weeks like this.

Tomorrow I’m running my first ‘race’ of the year {5K}. Another small victory following 3 months of almost no exercise due to all sorts of reasons. I’m looking forward to that rush of running, enjoying a morning with my SIL … and for the chocolate and champagne at the finish line!

Happy Weekend!



  1. Good luck on your race! Its secretly something Id love to be able to do/accomplish. If only I actually liked running.:)

  2. I’m glad that you had such a wonderful week and I totally understand the desire to document it. Here’s to more great weeks!

    Good luck on your race! What a great way to spend a Saturday.

  3. good job to you! i am running the dirty dash in boise this august! i better get to training, or i will be a super unhappy dirty dasher!

  4. WOw, that is a great week! It seems like all too often we focus on one thing (like cooking), only to let everything else slide (like sewing!). Good luck on your race! Have fun!

  5. i love that race. im planning to do the half next year. hope you did well this morning!

  6. wow! i’m tired just reading the list of things you accomplished! not bad lil’ mama!!

    love the quilt!

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