Where you create …

I don’t know about you guys, but I love to see where others create.

Credit:: bhg.com via Knitty Bitties on Pinterest

All of it … big, small, simple, grand, messy or perfectly clean. I *think* it comes from my general interest in people. I just like to ‘see’ how others live.

Which explains my addiction to “The Real Houswives of {Anywhere}” … right? I’m not alone in this am I?

I sure hope not.

This month, for my monthly collaborative sponsor post, I asked my sponsors to share a few pictures of where they create and a short bit about their space to share with you.

{Carrie from Caroline G.}

Where I create is still very much a work in progress. I left my day job last Friday in order to pursue my dream of becoming a full-time business owner. I plan to make my studio more work friendly since I’ll be in it 40+ hours a week. My first plan of action is to get a desk so that I have a better work space to create new products. My favorite part of my studio is a framed sign that says, “write it on your heart that everyday is the best day of the year.” Even on my worst of days, I’m reminded to look for the good and realize how blessed I am to be living my dream life. I’m excited to see how my studio will continue to change and evolve as a I move forward as a business owner.

{Linda from Burlap+Blue}

My craft room is really a craft room/guest room/sewing room in one (plus storage room for a number of other things), and I use every inch of it. The office chair makeover was inspired by a post on Homemade by Jill, and the desk was built by my husband and I and is my favorite part of the space! The pumpkin pincushion is from Sea Pinks on Etsy, and the framed burlap+blue piece on the bottom shelf was embroidered for me for my MIL (another favorite part of the room). The room’s furniture and decor is a little of this and a little of that, and I love the eclectic feel of it!

I love that both of these rooms are ‘real’ and loved and lived in. I think like so many other things, we can compare our space to the dreamy spaces we see online. But they are just that for most of us … a dream. The reality is, most of us don’t have a handmade business just for the creativity. We are trying to make a financial gain {for us and our families} by using our creativity. So every dollar is going back into the business or into the budget and not usually into matching furniture and custom built-ins.

That doesn’t however mean that you can’t make it lovely and infuse your personality {like the ladies above}.

A few {inexpensive} ideas::

Credit:: howjoyful.com via Knitty Bitties on Pinterest

Purchase frames and fill them with purchased prints {from other handmade artisits} or free printables.

Credit:: ohdeedoh.com via Knitty Bitties on Pinterest

Purchase embroidery hoops and fill them with a few of your favorite fabric prints and/or make one into a message/inspiration board or a display piece.

Get creative with organization by using baskets, jars and other items around the house or inexpensively found at thrift stores or garage sales.

Lastly, I do think a room that works well for you makes you work well :). If you need a proper desk or better storage, start saving a way a bit of your monthly profit toward these pieces.

For more inspiration and some dreamy spaces, you can go peek at my ‘Ideas for my Creative Space‘ board on Pinterest.



  1. I love that top photo. What a dream craft room! :)

  2. I also have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to creative spaces. Some of them are jaw dropping. Sneak a peek at my sewing studio here:

  3. I too like seeing where people create. I like the idea of starting a pinterest board of creating spaces from the person above’s comment and seeing the ones you pinned :)

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  5. oh by real looks at my space you can visit my page at http://jenniffier.blogspot.com/search?q=sewing+room

  6. This is too funny. The top photo is also in today’s post on my blog. I wrote about inspirational craft rooms. Check it out at texascottage@blogspot.com. Thanks for the link to your pinterest board.

  7. the Real Housewives of anywhere are my guilty pleasure…don’t like to admit to many people that I watch those shows, but I can’t help myself :)

  8. thanks for featuring my craft space, sweetie! xoxo

  9. I also love to see others creative spaces! I think, for me, it’s because I have to lug everything out of my laundry room and out to my dining room table when I want to sew. I long for the day when we have a home with a room (even a small little room) that I can call my own for creating.
    Love the new look of your blog, by the way! Looks great.

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