{WIWW} What I Wore Wednesday …

Today’s post is showing a few favorites I recently grabbed at Target with a birthday gift card (thank you to my sweet MIL & FIL)::

I couldn’t pass up these tanks at $6 each on sale::

And then I spotted these too cute shorts (for only $12). I got a navy/white wide plaid print, but it’s not showing online.

I’m thinking these shorts, plus a white tank, plus a red one of these would look very patriotic come 4th of July::

Lastly, the swimsuit I’m *thinking* about picking up … if I can stop waffling over the cleavage issue {uhm, not that mine would come close to filling it up like the model}. Yes sometimes I feel like I’m 80, caught in the body of a 34 year old.

What do you think? About the suit, not about me acting like I’m 80 ;).

Now, I’ve seen several cute outfits pop up on Pinterest recently, which brings me to me to the part of the post where I share …

“What I {would} Love {to wear} Wednesday” …

Source:: Polyvore via Knitty Bitties on Pinterest
{I’m not sure about the purse on this one, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the rest.}

Source:: Polyvore via Knitty Bitties on Pinterest
{So simple and chic. Especially the Hermes Birkin bag}

Source:: Polyvore via Knitty Bitties on Pinterest
{I love it all minus the TOMS wedges. Sorry, just can’t do it, no matter how comfortable.}

Something to note about all of these … they all include a cardigan sweater ;). Love me a cardi, even in the summer for all freezing cold stores, restaurants, etc. I’m such a weirdo, but I don’t like the feeling of air blowing directly on me, so I like to be prepared.


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  1. That 4th of July outfit is perfect! Oh and I would definitely wear all 3 of the other outfits- I LOVE Toms, I live in them in the summer.

    Have a great day!!! -Ally

  2. I’m the same way with the cardi’s and cold air – I hate having cold air blowing on me when I’m shopping or out to dinner, always have a sweater in my bag or am complaining about the lack of one haha.

    The swim suit is super cute by the way, if you aren’t as busty, your cleavage won’t look as “LOOK AT ME!” as it does in this pic :)

  3. Love the polyvore outfits, especially the last one, but I’m with you on the Toms (not that I wouldn’t sport a classic pair for running around… but not the wedges!)

  4. Yup, Im pretty sure we should be BFFs. I could live in all three of these outfits. And my wardrobe staple is a cardigan. I have them in every.color.of.the.rainbow. not kidding. And I want more. I love them!

  5. I’m drooling over those outfit right now. Love them!

  6. I love finding super cute outfits on Pinterest…now if I could only recreate them from my wardrobe! Ha!

  7. loving these outfits and I’m with you on nixing the purse and TOMS…I would break my ankles! If you love the swimsuit and hate the cleavage you could always add some material…our Joann’s sells swimsuit material.

  8. I spotted the same swimsuit last summer (hello black + white polka dots!) and was instantly smitten. I caved in to the temptation and tried it on. Iam not well endowed, but I was unsure about the neckline. However, I am small busted and it provided more coverage in other areas, so I purchased it anyway. I love this swimsuit! It’s my favorite one (probably ever) and I love the vintage style…it makes me feel as if I could have been a movie star in another life!

  9. I love every outfit! And I think I bought that bathing suit, but a tank top instead of halter. It hides a multitude of sins!

  10. I love those outfit suggestions! how great!

  11. The necklace is so pretty, and I like the swimsuit too! I also really like that first pinterest outfit. So colorful!


  12. Ohhh, love those outfits!! Makes it look so simple to pull something cute together.

  13. amanda says:

    Cute, that’s what I wish I wore too!
    I was just at the Gap and they are having their summer clearance sale (hello they are getting fall clothes in already! what!) so everything on sale is an additional 50% off. I picked up a couple of cute tops for summer!

  14. That suit is so cute! But I agree that it’s a little revealing :)

  15. I think the bathing suit is awesome! but I am a bit of a no cleavage girl so i think I would buy a small amount of bathing suit material and sew it in to close that gap a bit–just my two cents…

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