Days of the Week Dishclothes {Follow Up Review}

It’s been just over a year since I shared one of my most popular {and simple} tutorials for making ‘days of the week’ dishcloths that remind you to change them out every day.

I made them using white dishcloths so that I could use a little bleach to clean them and kill any bacteria.

I still get comments/e-mails asking how they hold up and if the bleach will ruin the letters.

A year later this is what they look like:

Not nearly as pretty as a year ago:

But … they DO NOT smell one bit. And while stained {mostly from tea}, the fabrics letters still look great and they are still doing their job. They just look more loved now, right?

Have you tried making these?



  1. I just looked up your original tutorial for these. I have the same problems here, and never thought of changing them every day. I know, I know. So…I am going to Target to get me some and make these, and I will also do a second set for my daughter. Thanks so much for this helpful tip.

  2. My husband would approve. I love dishcloths, he does not. This is an awesome compromise.

  3. It’s been a year since you made those?! I remember reading the original post when it was posted. I can’t believe how well they’ve held up. And, now since I own a sewing machine (I didn’t a year ago) I’m going to get the original post bookmarked so I can get some made for myself. Thanks for sharing the tutorial and the update!

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