Happy 4th of July!!

 {Our front porch all dressed up for the 4th of July/Summer}

We are two weeks into my son’s summer break {he’s on a year round schedule} and this week officially felt like summer. We had lots of outside time, lots of water and pool time, a slower pace, lots of naps, special activities, overnight playdates and special treats like eating out for lunch and Sonic’s happy hour.

I look back and feel like it was what summer should look like.

{Our front entry … the one time of year the orange front door doesn’t really ‘go’.}

I for one am also slowing down from the have-to’s, setting aside the long hours sewing and working on the shop and instead being intentional with my days at home with my child knowing {as the Nester said so well} I only have 11 more ‘summers’ with him, like this. I don’t want to waste it. It’s a gift.

So, things will be slower in the shop. There will be less updates and not as much stock as I’d like. Blog posts may be sporadic. E-mails may take a bit longer to answer. Twitter will be much more quiet. Because instead I’ll be …

Baking muffins and cookies … eating picnic lunches on the patio … crafting the morning away … swimming in the afternoon … napping as much as I can … catching up with friends … enjoying family time and vacation … swimming lessons … park play dates … teaching my son to sew … and drinking even more ICED TEA than normal ;).


Today we’ll be going to a parade. Then we’ll be hosting our families {and feeling so blessed they live close enough to do so} and celebrating my nephew’s very appropriately timed ‘homecoming for leave’ from his deployment. We’ll enjoy lots of wonderful eats, memories of time together and a fun time watching fireworks.


I am so blessed and fortunate to be a citizen of this great nation. Thank you to all of those {and their families} who have and are serving to protect my freedom. God bless you!

Happy 4th of July!



  1. Your porch is beautiful! I love the star garland!

  2. GORGEOUS, Andrea! So beautiful. Now I need for you to come do my house. Which seriously, needs so much work, inside and out. It could use your touch. Or conversely, I could come visit you instead? 😉 Have a great holiday, my dear friend! Hugs to the boys. XO!

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