I’m calling you to {strut your stuff} …

… join me on Flickr and show me what you’ve got ;).

{Knitty Bitties Mug Rug / Sent in by Theresa}

Knitty Bitties {Show & Tell}

I would love to see your Knitty Bitties purchases in action. Nothing makes me happier than positive feedback from my customers. Throw in a picture and I’m one happy handmade business owner.

Plus, I like to *celebrate* my customers and I’d love to randomly reward some of those who contribute to this Flickr account.

Knitty Bitties {Sew & Tell}

I’d also love to see items you’ve sewn using a Knitty Bitties tutorial. I really enjoy sharing my projects in the form of tutorials on my blog. While it is very time consuming, I know how much I’ve been helped by free tutorials, so it just seems right to keep sharing :).

{Hurrah, writing this post *forced* me to update my tutorial page.}

And of course, I’d like to *celebrate* my happy sewers too. I always have more fabric than I know what to do with … so upload a picture and I might just be asking for your address to send you some of my stash.



  1. What a great idea! I’ll add a couple this afternoon!

  2. I bought the dishrags to make your days of the week dish rags, but I haven’t done it just yet. I will post them when I do….very soon.

  3. I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow morning!

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