Learn to Sew {Basic Quilt} & Giveaway Winner

I’m sharing a {BIG} tutorial full of lots of words and pictures over at Tip Junkie today that takes you through making a basic {Simple Straights} quilt. A project to encourage the new sewer!

And …

I totally forgot to pick a winner for the June Sponsor Giveaway from The Pleated Polka Dot.

Yea to #29 {Henria O.}, I’ll have Melissa {the pleated polka dot} contact you.



  1. You go GIRL!
    Popping over to see your tutorial!
    I’ll pin it to my SEWING board!
    LOVE your style!
    Adore YOU!
    We gotta talk sewing…soon!
    How’s Miss Daisy?
    I know she is growing…and adorable!
    Hugs and SMILES from Bainbridge!
    Pop over…I sewed a ZIPPER!
    You will be proud! ;o)

  2. Thank you! This is going to be my first quilt.

  3. So I am going to attempt this quilt but have a question. I am right in assuming that the measurements for the top strips are in inches? I know this sounds silly. Thanks!

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