On being a Mama

Last week I spent some precious time with my best friend.

We stumbled upon this book, Mom Because of You, as we were window shopping. We read just a few pages before we had to close it and wipe tears away.

Then I stumbled on this book, My Mom: Her Story, and I told her how cool I thought it was. How I wanted to get one for my Mom and MIL and one for me.

I went to the bathroom. She bought me the book {which means I have work to do}.

This week I was blog reading and stumbled on this post. Which linked to this blog post, Motherhood is a Calling.


What a challenge.
What an encouragement.
What a reminder.

{Me and E at the very big bridge on the way up to Mt. St. Helens last week.}

Another affirmation to slow down this summer and enjoy these days and make the most of our hours together.



  1. Enjoy every moment! They grow up WAY too fast.

    I’d give almost anything to have my son the same as your little guy is now. I miss those years.

  2. You are an awesome mama and you have the cutest, sweetest, goofiest, best-mannered little guy I know. Motherhood is truly a calling, and you are in the right place at the right time =)

  3. awesome book! I ordered one and a copy of the dad one.

  4. Beautiful!!!

  5. i haven’t read that one… i’ll have to put it on my list! with all my spare time…LOL

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