Pinwheels in the Park Quilt Along:: Week 3&4 {Catch Up}

So … you might have noticed the lack of updates on my “Pinwheels in the Park” Quilt Along

August 15-21 ~ Finish up blocks & sew quilt top {my excuse … last week of summer break}
August 22-31 ~ Quilt & Bind {my excuse … my great-niece being born)

Not too bad as far as excuses go, right?

To my credit, I am *almost* done with the quilt … so not too far off schedule. I have a top and a bottom ready to be sandwiched, quilted and bound.

Here’s proof::

Quilt Front

Trying to decide if this *accent* block {which came about after some cutting mistakes} works or just looks random.

Quilt Back

Hoping to make the sandwich this weekend and get started, BUT I do have a SWEET *secret* project going this week that has to ship by Tuesday, so it may have to wait.

In the meantime I sewed up a few mug rugs for the shop when I made one for my little’s teacher. I bought one of those cute re-usable plastic cups and tucked the mug rug inside as a ‘Welcome back to school’/’Congratulations on surviving the 1st week of school’ gift :).

If anyone else joined in on Keri & I’s quilt along, make sure to leave me a comment and let me know how your quilt is coming!!



  1. Cute mug rug! That’s a sweet teacher gift. I think we need another mug rug weekend!

  2. I agree with Amanda on all accounts. And I like that scale :)

  3. What a cute little mug rug with the apples on the back!

  4. I am a bit behind on my Pinwheels quilt too. I finished up the quilt top and hope to get it sandwiched and start some quilting soon.

  5. Oh my goodness it’s so beautiful! Love it! I love the scale display too!! Very cute.

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