Soaking it all up …

… as it is our last week of summer break!


I’m not ready for my days with my little guy to be over and for him to be back at school for the majority of the day.

So, we’re making the most of these days {which means me staying off the computer as much as I can} with swimming, playdates, crafternoons, water parks and lots of yummy baking eating. Did I mention swimming? And sun? And more sun?

A lot of our daily ‘down time’ activities have been sponsored by Pinterest. They’re so nice that way … providing endless amounts of inspiration.

On our crafternooning list::
{I think we’ll finish some of these this weekend and then over the next few Fridays as a nice way to celebrate the weekend. I had hopes of a whole week of crafts, but we just played too much to fit all hardly any of them in.}

{Credit via Knitty Bitties on Pinterest}

Angry Birds Pom-Poms {check}

{Credit via Knitty Bitties on Pinterest}

Little Monster Bookmarks {check}

{Credit via Knitty Bitties on Pinterest}

Airplane Clothespin

{Credit via Knitty Bitties on Pinterest}

Homemade Bouncy Balls

{Credit via Knitty Bitties on Pinterest}

Glow in the Dark Jars

More ideas on my ‘Ideas for E to craft’ board on Pinterest.

Our baking as of late::

{Credit via Knitty Bitties on Pinterest}

Chocolate Chip Muffins {these were delicious!!}


Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake {I guess we’re on a chocolate chip kick … I used Ghiradelli’s 60% Cacao Bittersweet Chocolate Baking Chips for both of these}

{Credit via Knitty Bitties on Pinterest}

Baked Cinnamon Breakfast Bites {easy and yummy … perfect for our playdate at the park}

More ideas on my ‘Ideas to eat‘ board on Pinterest.

Tomorrow I’m going to share a little about my porch {Gussy’s Inspiration Workshop} … a few new items for the shop … AND a happy Friday discount code!



  1. These are some fun ideas…thanks for the links!

  2. I love those bookmarks. Too much fun!

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