{WIWW} What I Wore Wednesday …

So, I’m back with a “What I Wore Wednesday” {WIWW} post after many many weeks of nothing …

And really, I don’t have any pictures of ME to share with you. I still haven’t mastered the self portrait thing and summer is all about comfort and coolness as of late, so no pictures.

I am currently dreaming of fall. I love that I live somewhere with four distinct seasons and as each one draws to its end I am so excited for the next. The 95+ degree weather we’ve been having has brought me to that point of great anticipation for crisp mornings and mild afternoons.

In fact, I’ve made a few purchases all intended for this fall/winter. Before I show them to you let me say that I do not normally shop like this. Not that I need to justify my shopping habits to you {maybe my Sweets, but not you}, but I want you to know that I tend to buy several items at the beginning of a season and that will be it for several months. And it *almost* always has to be a good deal ;).

So, what have I been buying?

How about a boyfriend sweater in aqua from Target {the one I got has a full length sleeve}::

I think it will be perfect to pull off this kind of look I spotted this week on Pinterest::

{Credit:: Polyvore via Knitty Bitties on Pinterest}

Speaking of Pinterest, it is not only inspiring creatively, it also inspires my online shopping. Like when I saw these houndstooth TOMS. I do.not.like.TOMS. I don’t. I like what they stand for, but I don’t like their shoes. And yet I ordered these because they were darn cute.

And because I was going in on a pair of Tiny TOMS for my great-niece {who we are still waiting on … tapping fingers}::

So I was ‘saving’ on shipping by not just ordering one tiny pair, right? Well wrong, the houndstooth print looked a bit ‘punk’ {oh I’m sure some of you are rolling your eyes or laughing} for me. So I sent them back. But … I did exchange them for these::

Waiting on them and hoping they are as wonderful as everyone says. The jury is still out.

Last weekend I was minding my own business, reading the Sunday ads I spotted these::

I loved them. But they’re by ‘Fergalicious’ which made me laugh. They are ‘manmade’ materials for $39.99. I forgot about them {because I’m kinda snotty about spending a bit more on GOOD quality shoes vs. lots of throw away, uncomfortable, ones}.

Then I spotted them on Pinterest. And before you know it, I’m at FamousFootwear.com eyeing their B1G1 50% off {PLUS another 20% off} DEAL and I end up buying these two pairs of shoes::

Yep, one pair in the same style as my mustard yellow ones from earlier this year, but suede and dark orange {swoon}.

The other, a different, but equally cute pair of Fergalicious flats in a houndstooth that is a bit more my girly style {which worked out to be FREE with the deal above and using my Ebates account}.

So I’m waiting on all of them, but loving them already. No hurry, I can’t wear them for several more weeks … but don’t think I won’t be walking around the house in them.

Oh and I’ve told myself no more new shoes until Spring.


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  1. Nothing like new clothes and shoes to put a little bounce in your step :) Enjoy your purchases! Love that last pair of Houndstooth with the girly ruffle – SO cute!

  2. Totally loving on those grey ballet flats & those houndstooth ones too. Adorable!

  3. love those grey flats- seriously to die for! Ahhh… I am so looking forward to fall- real shoes, jeans, sweaters. I can’t wait!

  4. love them all. shoes are my weakness, i’m trying so hard to be a good newly wed wife and not spend extra money on shoes, but it’s so hard! i have my eye on some fall boots right now…

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