A new week …

I love Mondays. I’m sure I’ve said it on here before, but I really do … Mondays mean a clean slate, a fresh start, all sort of NEW possibilities. Looking at my calendar last night I was excited to see see a lovely balance of time at home and time ‘out in the world.’ I can be quite the home body if I don’t force myself out of the house, so I strive to have balance in both.

Last week I had the chance to finally add some NEW products to the shop and to plan/cut some more to sew this week.

Here is what I introduced::

“Sunny Gray Skies” iPad covers 

“Blueberry Fields” eReader covers

I FINALLY sent off a “Mama Buttercup” bag to a very patient giveaway winner. I sewed up an extra one and added it to the shop::

I also decided to try out something NEW and list my “Everyday Fresh Tote” in the custom option in my shop. This is one of my most popular bags, but I hesitate to make them and list them as *most* people want to customize them by picking their own fabric. Well now you can! But, I’ll only list these as I’m able to complete them in a reasonable {under 4 weeks} time frame … so don’t wait to long if you’re interested ;).
The holidays are just over 3 months away and my calendar will get vehhhhrrry full.

“Everyday Fresh Tote” {You Pick Fabrics}

And one last bit of NEW to start your Monday off right … NEW pictures of my great niece. Aren’t these the sweetest?!? These were taken by a sweet gal we {my niece & I} go to church with. She has really grown into an exceptional photographer and It’s been fun to watch her journey. 

{All snuggled on top of the zig-zag quilt I made her.}

{Wearing the onsie a friend & me gifted her … inspired by this Pin.}

Photo credits::
Jamie Hudson Photography ~ Facebook / Website



  1. love the new items! love the baby! ;o)

  2. pretty goods for your shop! and a delightful little baby. so sweet!

  3. Love your new shop goodies, of course, and your little great niece is SO precious! Congrats! :)

  4. I love all your new products. I would never have thought of using those colors together but they look beautiful.

    Now that little sweet baby on the suitcase and on your quilt……just adorable. DId she potty on the quilt. A
    little one that I nannied for got her picture taken on a moon with a furry blanket and she peed all over it, hah. Doesn’t matter when you are that darling.

  5. What a bunch of lovelies – love the corduroy on the tote and so fun to get to pick your own!

  6. Your things are so HAPPY!
    Love the tote bag!
    Love it all!
    Hugs from Bainbridge!

  7. cute stuff! Of to check your shop out :)

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