• Run 8 miles with my neighbor on Friday … check.
  • Enjoy Baskin Robbins Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream Friday night … check.
  • Attend a baby shower for a long time friend Saturday … check.
  • Enjoy a Saturday nap … check.
  • Date afternoon/evening with my Sweets … check.
  • Teach Sunday School {yep, I’m a Sunday School teacher too ;D} … check.
  • Enjoy a Sunday nap {this is the day of rest … naps are mandatory!} … check
  • Start & Finish my “Pinwheels in the Park” quilt AND attach binding … check.
  • Start ‘special project’ I’m excited to share very soon … check.
  • Photo new “Oh Snap! Mini Wallets” … check.
  • Forget to have an exciting blog post to start off your Monday … check ;).

Yep I’m making lists and checking them off as quick as I can. Things are getting B-U-S-Y around here. I’ll share some photos tomorrow of the new mini wallets to make up for today’s no photo post.



  1. I like that I got to be on the list! It’s still weird not seeing you almost everyday!

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