Daisy drama …

I had plans for a different post today …

But then Daisy girl decided to eat an unknown amount of foil, covered in grease {thanks to my Sweets and weekend grilling}, yesterday which caused a trip to the Emergency vet last night and a pretty penny in xrays.


Good thing she’s so cute. {And also appears to be no worse for the wear, thank goodness.}

On a sewing note …

{Credit:: Overstock.comhttp://www.overstock.com/62152/static.html}

Isn’t this the coolest?!? Gosh it captured my ‘graphic designer’ & ‘seamstress’ heart. Seriously, I wish Overstock was selling prints.

And what about this year’s theme…

“Sew for the Love of It!!” 

That really sums up why I can spend so many hours a week ‘stuck’ behind a little machine, stitching away … I really do love it!!



  1. I hope things come out nice and shiny for your furry baby. I have a sick Yorkie. It can be so $$$$$$.

  2. Poor little Daisy – bet she is back to normal by now tho! When are you going to let her come out to our place to play?

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