Happy Labor Day & Happy …

National Sewing Month!!

Whoo-hoo … you know that I {love} to sew, but a whole month to celebrate sewing? Well this calls for some mandated {after all if it says ‘national’ that almost makes it a law, right?} sewing for MOI.

Lucky for me I have a never ending list of projects I want to work on. No thank to Pinterest, my list seems to be getting longer and longer.

Here’s a few projects I’m hoping to get done during National Sewing Month::

Aunt Dots Apron by Jodi of Pleasant Home::

{Credit:: Pleasant Home on Etsy}

I bought this kit a few weeks ago. I love the yellow+gray and a splash of red. This one should be a pretty quick sew.

{Credit:: Pleasant Home on Etsy}

At the same time I also spotted this adorable kit, to make “Abby’s Treasure Box”. I’m hoping mine turns out as cute as Jodi’s did::

Abby's Treasure Box
{Credit:: Pleasant Home}

I also have high hopes to show you a finished ‘Pinwheels in the Park” quilt by the end of September.

Last, I’m joining Keri over at Ucreate for September’s “Create with Me” project, the Tohoku Tote::

{Credit:: I Am Momma Hear Me Roar}

Isn’t it so cute? Thanks to Cheri of I Am Momma Hear Me Roar for sharing her pattern!

So … tell me what you’re going to sew up this month? Remember, it’s required … not optional ;).



  1. I am going to be working on my sampler quilt. It is also the right time to be churning out some wool projects: candle mats, mittens, and some clothes for my gourd creations. Lucky that the weather has changed from the 90’s to the 60-70’s. Puts one in the mood to work on projects indoors! :)

  2. I’m going to try an apron and a skirt. I’m a sewing novice (still in the crooked seams stage!) but the patterns seem simple and easy to follow (and forgiving if my seams are a little swervy).

  3. I spent the past month binding three quilts that my sister long-armed for me and now I have one more to go. When that’s done I need to start on a ZigZag quilt for my grandson. He’s been patiently waiting since his brother and mom now have one.

  4. I just had to say-HOW CUTE! Anything you make is destined to be perfection!
    You are one talented gal…

  5. Cute stuff! I will be sewing this month but not for me. I have two quilts to make for the new nephews and then I get to start Halloween costumes. Have I told you what we’re doing this year?

  6. I got a new pattern, I think from Bunny Hill, called a Jelly Tote? Picked out the Jelly roll and fat quarters needed for that. Trying to finish the binding on Daughter number twos quilt. King size, taking a while. Oh well the list is too long to add. I love that apron pattern!

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