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Whoo-hoo! Linking up with Jeanette’s {Life ReArranged} fun “InstaFriday” linky party.
I’m going to try to get better to snap photos of little bits of life … that don’t need a beautiful photo to get recorded & remembered.

Catching Daisy girl with a pretzel stick she found. She held it out of the corner of her mouth {making her look like she was smoking} for a good 20 minutes. Silly pup.

My views as I run our neighborhood.

Happy Day:: Cooking.com = quarterly shipment of Tazo’s Black Iced Tea {the same stuff Starbucks serves}; New Running Shoes = hideous purple laces & accents {the only color I really don’t care for}, but they make my feet happy.

A pretty color palette. Thread pulled for sewing ruffles on a new set of “Oh Snap! Wallets” to hit the shop next week!

New tags arrived. A little more simple. White & Gray … love them!

P.S. I loved hearing about how many of you love to run!! I’ll be sure to add in a few more running posts {not too many ;D} in coming weeks. After all I have to tell you about running 8 miles today {my furthest run yet} and my Team Sparkle skirt I’ll be sporting next Saturday ;).



  1. Whew!!! 8 miles?! that is some serious runnin’ Good job!!!

    Love the pup pic too!!!

    have a great weekend!!!

  2. Where did you get your labels? they’re nice and simple – just ow I like.

  3. If your dog goes missing, you might want to check my son’s room. We are in love! Happy IF!

  4. I’d love to know where you get your labels done too. so perfect!

  5. 8 miles?! Good for you! Also, way to go on such a productive weekend and still squeezing in two naps 😀

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