Mothers who {craft and} run …

… are you one of them?

Or maybe you’re a crafter who runs. Or a mother who runs.

It seems to me though, that there is a whole group of women who are mothers crafting & running! {And I thought about it enough I’m writing a whole blog post about it!}

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I can say that I’m one of those women.

I don’t really like the word, ‘crafter’ because unless you really get the full extent of ‘crafting’ it sounds like I play with construction paper & glitter all day {not that there is anything wrong with that}. And yet, ‘artist’ sounds too pretentious {even though I have an art degree} or ‘fancy.’

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I also hesitate to call myself a runner. Even after over 4 years of running, I don’t feel like I deserve to say I’m a runner. After all, will the person that runs 30 miles a week turn there nose up at me if they know I only run 10-15 miles per week? That I occasionally take a quick walking break and I’ll probably never run 8 minute miles?

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But whatever you call it or call me … who cares. I do love to craft AND I do LOVE TO RUN. And I’m happy that I know of several others in the same boat. In fact, I’m going to call a few out on it and see who else raises their hand and says they’re in the ‘women who craft & run club’ too.

Jessica {Allora Handmade} & her sister, Mique {30 Handmade Days}, ran a half marathon together.
Erin {Two More Seconds} ran her first 5K this summer and is training for a half marathon.
 Marta {Haus of Girls} likes to start her days running.
Lindsey {The Pleated Poppy} wants to love running, but really seems to hate it unless she has a cute little running partner :).
Ruthanne {Eclectic Whatnot} is wunning {that’s walk/running} her way through the Couch-to-5K program.

Meg {Whatever} is a runner too. In fact I remember she inspired me to ‘run out’ my sadness when my little went to school all day {1st Grade} last year. I ran 5 miles that morning.

Carrie {This Mama Makes Stuff} is a crazy runner who ran a half marathon while pregnant and just completed the Hood-to-Coast relay race {totally jealous} just to name a few of her running accomplishments. 
Kelly {According to Kelly} also is a running superstar who also ran Hood-to-Coast. She also told me she never runs more than 3 miles when training for a race … I’m not sure I believe that ;). If it’s true, she’s just meant to run!
{Disclosure:: I did not ask these ladies if I could share about their running … however, because I’ve learned all this about them {and it has taken up valuable space in my head} on the ol’ WWW, I figure it’s fair game to spread the word. Facts listed above may not be 100% accurate as my memory is only 99.99% trustworthy.}

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These ladies are just the ones I can quickly think of off the top of my head. So … I know there are more out there … and I think we need to unite and promote our cause and come up with a crafting, running, eating weekend somewhere. Wouldn’t that be fun?!?

A little background on how I got started running::

I started the Couch-to-5k {C25K} in Spring 2007. While I was somewhat ‘in shape’ I was no where able to run a full mile, let alone 3.1 {5K}. I followed the training through the summer an ran my first 5K in September 2007. I haven’t quit since {although for a few years I was a ‘fair weather’ runner}.

{Me @ “Champagne & Chocolate 5K” 6/11}

If there is interest, I’d love to share more of my running adventure along side my crafting, sewing and indie business posts. I love to encourage other to give it a go and get excited telling my story … but I also don’t want to bore ya’ll if you’re shaking your head at me right now like I’m crazy :).

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So tell me … do you run, do you want to run, do you want to know more about my running story?


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  1. i do run. a friend and i try to go out twice a week together to run the distance of a 5k. really, i dislike running a lot, but i do it because i can. simply because i can.

    i have run a 5k ( a couple of years ago) and might try to fit one in before it gets too cold, but may wait until next year.

  2. I’m a wannabe runner – my boyfriend and I try to set weekly goals of miles and if we don’t accomplish it it rolls over to the next week — we started this in jan before our summer vacation and it worked well so we carried it over through the end of the year.. he’s definitely doing better than i am..

  3. I don’t run {though I used too, a little bit} but I have been thinking of starting a Couch to 5K program again!

    Either way, I’d love to hear your story!

  4. I am a mama who crafts and runs:) Ran my first half marathon last winter. Looking forward to another. I usually run twice a week when my kids are in school and go for a long run on the weekend. I’d love to hear more about your running! What a fun post!

  5. I started the couch to 5K in the beginning of August. I LOVED it. But about week 3/4, I injured/ strained my knee to the point of barely walking :( I was kind of depressed about it. So I stopped and now I am very slowly trying to get started again. I don’t want to go through that injury again! Thanks for your post. It is in spiring…. and I am headed to the gym tonight :)

  6. I would like to say I’m a runner but not actually have to physically run or get sweaty.

    But saying you run sounds cool. I’d like to sound cool.

  7. I started the couch to 5k program in June, after not having exercised in about 8 years and after the birth of my 4th baby. I was amazed that by the end of nine weeks I could run 30 minutes straight! Now I’m working on getting my speed up and thinking about doing a 5k in November. I’d love to hear more about running! It’s been a pleasent surprise that I really enjoy it :)

  8. Love this. I used to run 5 days a week. I am out of shape now..and 4 years older. But I am going to get back at it. I am sending this to my daughter Erika, who has taken up running and is loving it. We just went to watch her finish a 1/2 marathon in Ventura a couple of weeks ago.

  9. I just left you a comment, on the wrong post. My Mom is Kris the comment above me :)

  10. Funny, I was actually just pondering how it seems every time I stumble across a blog, the blogger seems to run in some fashion. I started running in March 2010 and set the goal to run a marathon by October. And…I quit that goal! But, I’m still running and working up to that goal. I run every other day as far as my body wants, no goals set so I can’t disappoint myself and when I run 9 miles instead of the 5 I planned on, them I’m always stoked!

  11. LOVE everything about this!!!!!!!!

  12. My father’s an avid runner. We’re talking 8+ miles every night. I’d love to be, but I’m not, yet. I took several months off, and am just now getting back into the habit. I’m thinking about printing all your photos and tacking them all over the place. Along with ones about painting. Thanks for the push!

  13. You know my feelings on running. I’ve tried to like it. I really have. I’ve thought about again since Mike took it up. Maybe I should give it another go? Even the Verizon lady who sold me my new phone yesterday was talking about running. Her husband is training for his 2nd marathon and she’s doing it with him. I just really love a hard workout over a run. Maybe I should try to do C25K again and do the hard, dripping sweat workouts I love on the off days. It sounds good in theory. :)

  14. I run too (and swim and bike (triathlons))
    I also like to craft
    I do it because I love pushing my body and meeting a goal. I do it because I can and I am thankful that I can.

    I haven’t been running, biking or swimming for sometime as I was pregnant, had my baby, and was recovering form the c-section. With the weather cooling down I’m getting the itch to head outside… don’t know if I’m brave enough yet to try running with a new baby just yet. I can just imagine him screaming his head off when I’m more than a mile from home, having a diaper blowout, and wanting to nurse!

  15. Little Miss- you just lit a fire under me. I’m going to get my run on tomorrow morning. Ask me about it so that I HAVE to be accountable. Pretty please? Love this post!!

  16. i wanna be like you big girls when i grow up! xo

  17. I run….although I need to get back to being more consistent again! I have completed 4 marathons and several halfs, 6milers and 5 K’s. Once a year we try to meet somewhere as a family with our grown kids and do a race in a new place. 2011 was the Disney Half in January and I think it was the perfect age to take kids to DisneyWorld!

    Your post is inspiring…and I do craft and quilt and take photos.

    This is my first week starting back up, so I appreciate the timely encouragement!!

  18. Yes yes yes!!!
    I want to like running like I did back in jr high. We were forced to run everyday and I was the fastest girl. I live by that old school now and wonder how in the world I ever did that. Keep the posts and encouragement coming!

  19. new follower from kd boutique.


  20. sorry.. fell off my rocker.. lol.. jk..

    **new follower from jessica n designs!!


  21. I want to become a runner I have now idea where to get started at though.. What kind of shoes are the best to run in?

  22. yes to all. i suppose i am a crafter, though i mostly sew. (i sew a lot. mostly clothes, but also a bit of quilts and toys and whatever else someone might request.) and i run. i ran in college (as a hobby) and after my son was born i went back to the gym again and started to run. i just finished a half marathon on august 27 and had a great time.

    i love reading posts from women who create and who run, so yes! if you want to write about it, id love to hear it.

    i dont blog my crafts (i mostly facebook photos for the family to see) but i do log workouts, motivation, struggles and my weight at

  23. I don’t run. I’m more of a yoga/hiking type of gal (although I am in awe of those people who can run 8 miles at a time). Interestingly, Anna Maria Horner (the fabric designer) is also a runner. :)

  24. I’m a running mom and crafter (patchwork, knitting and crochette)! I just smiled when reading your comment about crafting, I always get the same feeling about this word (in Icelandic too), that I just cut paper and glue together all the time :)
    Have fun running and thanks for this post – I loved it

  25. I am a runner and a seamstress (I’m with you about the crafter word). I’ve ran many races in the past and always try to keep about a base millage of 10-15/week when I’m not training for something. I have a 1/2 marathon in 3 weeks so I’ve been running over 20 each week! Man, it takes up precious time with each mile added, but I LOVE how I feel when I’m done.

    I love all your running pictures and hearing about your running adventures!

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