Pinwheels in the Park Quilt Along {Finished!!}

Well, I didn’t finish it a month as I’d hoped, but I did finish it in under 2 months which is still record breaking for me and quilts ;).

Here’s a look at the Pinwheels in the Park Quilt Along and previous posts::

Fabric & Cutting Pinwheels

A few of the blocks

Finished quilt top

… and bottom.

And the finished product, all quilted and washed::

These pictures? Eh. Not so great. But that’s what happens when you finish the quilt binding {a fun red/white stripe} just in time to wash, dry and fold the quilt for it’s special recipient to arrive.

I gifted this to my bestie who came into town late, er really early {hello 2AM}, Thursday night/Friday morning. She was beyond surprised and had a hard time giving me the quilt back for a few last minute, inside, late at night photos for the blog.

It’s done. It’s loved. Onto the next one …

Did you join in on the quilt along with Kerri & I? Did you finish your quilt yet?



  1. Beautiful job. I didn’t make one, but now I want to. It goes on the list.

  2. beautiful fabric choice. What line is that? Love those pinwheels. They are starting to lure me in to make them;)

  3. Look at Miss Daisy sitting so pretty in front of that lovely quilt!
    What a big girl! She is adorable!
    The quilt is amazing Andrea!
    Hugs and love from Bainbridge!
    Thanks for your comment the other day!
    You cheer me on….and I SMILE when you do.
    Thank you Sweet Pea!

  4. It came out beautifully! And I always love the red/aqua color combo you do so well. It makes me super happy to see your canine model, too =)

  5. Such a beautiful quilt! Lucky bestie!

  6. VERY adorable! I love the design, it makes it look like there’s a square of fabric underneath!

  7. I love the pinwheels and the colors and just everything about that quilt. Your friend is sooooo lucky!

  8. It’s soooo beautiful, I’m sure Jessie will love it to death!

  9. It sure turned out good! Hey – I saw the Mama Buttercup bag in your shop. If you haven’t sold it can you add it to my order? Not sure if I will gift it or keep it – but I really like it!


  10. Love *almost* begins to cover it. :) I ADORE my new quilt. Seriously, can’ I feel like Linus. 😀 Thank you from the bottom of my heart My Andrea for the beautiful gift. My heart is full. <3

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