Sewing is good for the heart …

… and in this case {I so hope} for the heart AND lungs.

You see there is a gal named Sharlie who is fighting for her life and needs not only a new heart, but new lungs as well. So when her childhood best friend, Jessica {you may know here as the girl behind Allora Handmade} contacted me to ask if I’d like to help raise money for Sharlie … well, I could hardly say no.

Many wonderfully talented bloggers {I’m  not sure how I made the list to be included} have written tutorials or created one of a kind printables that YOU can purchase and help raise money for Sharlie and her family.

My Tutorial?
A Feather Pillow Dog Bed



Can you see how much happier Daisy girl is now that her bed looks as cute as her?

I think this is such a clever take on fund raising. Don’t you?

Go take a sneak peek at the shop. It opens MONDAY, September 26TH.



  1. your pup looks quite happy with her pillow! cute!

  2. also: what a great shop idea. thanks for the link! will be praying for her.

  3. That is so cute!! I want one for my SugarLips…but I guess that would require a significantly larger pillow. Daisy is so good at posing for the camera =)

  4. Such a great idea to set up a shop to raise money for her! Can’t wait until it opens.

  5. Sandy says:

    What a great idea! LOVE the fabric– what is it called/where did it come from?

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