Today’s post it brought to you by the letter ‘S’ …

Am I the only one that struggles with coming up with a post title? I sure hope not. It’s especially hard when it’s a ‘catch all’ post like today’s is. I try to be clever, but I’m guessing it comes across more as goofy than clever, but whatever.

S is for Sweets

Photo Credit:: Joy the Baker, Brown Sugar Cookies

I made these cookies on Thursday. I am in *love* with them … they are my new favorite cookie. Good thing it made a small{ish} batch and I could give some away before I

S is for Sparkly {Shellac} Nails

My bestie was in town for a very short visit this weekend and we had just enough time in our Friday afternoon plans to sneak in a manicure. I normally don’t do manicures as I see it as a waste of money. A pedicure, yes … because it lasts for weeks and weeks. A manicure, uhm, let me think … $20 so they can chip the next day? … no. That is until now. I tried shellac {or gel as my salon called them} and I love, love, love my nails.

S is for Sparkle Saturday

{My sister, me, my bestie}

A bunch of my favorite girls got together to walk in the Women’s Fitness Celebration {which happens to be the largest all women run/walk event in the U.S.} on Saturday morning. It was a BEAUTIFUL day. My sister and I ran the race while the rest walked. I had a goal to run the 5K in under 30 minutes. Well, I’m giving the credit to my Team Sparkle skirt, because I clocked in at 28:48. My PR {Personal Record} for a 5K.

S is for Samples
I’m up to my ears in pattern pieces and fabric. Sewing, sewing, sewing for Robert Kaufman’s L.A. Textile booth. Things might be a bit quite around here the rest of the week as I’m under a tight deadline.

S is for Holiday Shopping
With under the holidays quickly approaching {seriously, did anyone else gasp when they realized Sunday marked 3 months until Christmas?!?} I’m going to be sharing my “Handmade Holiday” specials for 2011 later this week or early next week.

S is for Shop for Sharlie

I have to mention this again. Whether you’re interested in my ‘Feather Pillow Dog Bed‘ tutorial or not, please take a moment to stop by the shop and see if there is a way you can help out Sharlie. You can read two touching posts here and here. There is matching incentive right now … so your donation will go even further through tomorrow.



  1. i love your sparkly running skirts!!! they are too cute

  2. I love your post title. It takes me back to my preschool days watching Sesame Street.

  3. Hey Andrea! We must live close to each other…I ran in the Fitness run Saturday also! Your time is much better than mine…Saturday turned out to be 101 degrees! Glad to find a local blogger, I’ve followed your blog for some time now.

  4. fun! i was there too! i finished in 29:47!

  5. I’m still in love with my nails. Want to come over & we’ll go get it done again next week? Ok, good. :) xoxo

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