{Insta}Friday on Sunday

I love Life re-Arranged’s {Insta}Friday Linky Party because it’s fun to see snapshots into everyone’s days/weeks. Nothing fancy, just snapshots of life.

I love how easy it’s supposed to be. However my camera {while easy to take the photos} is being a bugger about letting me get the photos onto the computer to blog. Hence making what should have been Friday’s post, pushed to Sunday’s post.

I decided to take a photo each hour from the time I woke up until I picked up my little after school … prepare to be moved …

7:30ish AM
New morning ‘scrub’ thanks to Heather’s “Happy Glow” post. She’s right, be careful … that baking soda can give you the look of a ‘chemical peel’ if you’re not careful. I’m really liking Target’s version of Cetaphil’s Daily Facial Cleanser. It smells so nice.

8:30ish AM
My morning breakfast. Almost every.single.day. Did I forget to mention I’m 83? I could blame it on my 30’s, but I think it’s just me. Whatever, I’m not ashamed to share I need fiber and I love my morning mix of half Original and half Raisin Bran.

9:30ish AM
Back from dropping off the little and starting on samples for Robert Kaufman. This morning I was working on Oliver + S’s School Photo Dress.

10:30ish AM
Still working … ‘watching’ Parenthood and sippin’ iced tea while I work. This is a rough gig, isn’t it?!? I do have to hit pause when I’m reading the pattern though. My mind can not multi-task through pattern reading.

11:30ish AM
Break for a little e-mail check, blog check and what’s that I see … Pinterest? Hmmm. How did I land there???

12:30ish PM
More sewing. Zippers … not as intimidating as they seem. A little time consuming, but you can do it!

1:30ish PM
Lunch break. Tucked under my aqua throw, eating my favorite salad & reading a few blogs.

2:30ish PM
Late day shower {hello not showing THAT} and getting ready with a little heart & soul check as I listen to worship music while fixing my hair. Does anyone else take their wedding ring off when you shower? It’s probably not the best habit, but I do it … then often run out the door without my ring on {scandalous}.

3:30ish PM
Spending a good 30 minutes in the car waiting to pick up the little from school. I usually read, catch up on Twitter or sneak in a power nap before the afternoon of homework, dinner, family time and bed time starts.

So how is that for boring? Guess what … I’ll take that kind of boring any day of the week!

On a bit more exciting note … this is what showed up on my door step a few weeks ago. I am itching to give it a go, but have been too busy meeting sample deadlines. Not to worry, introduction and project coming soon … and maybe a little sumpin’ sumpin’ for you too {wink, wink}.



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  1. I am dying to know how people like that fabric cutting machine!

  2. Love your day. Way more productive than mine, that’s fo shizzle. 😉 Miss you!

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