Hello 30 Handmade Days readers!

Have ya’ll {although I’m Idahoan through and through I figure 9 months of my life was in Austin, TX so I can say ya’ll} realized what Mique is doing around here?

She is sneaking in these wonderful bloggers to host guest posts as contributors. From food to parties to craft and DIY, she’s assembling a little blogger’s dream team. I love it. And I told her so … and then {gah!} she asked me if I wanted to join in on the fun.

Well of course I do, but I’m feeling a bit intimidated and out of my element. So go easy on me okay? ;). Let me first tell you a little about me my love of sewing.

My first real memory of sewing was pacing the hallway of our house, hovering over my mom as she sewed pajamas for my Cabbage Patch baby. Of course at 10 years old I thought nothing of the intricate details of teeny tiny clothing. All I knew is how excited I was to see a pile of fabric turn into the sweetest little footed sleeper I had ever known.

Fast forward 20 years {with only a little ‘dabbling’ in sewing} and I decided to make my best friend an apron from a kit I bought online. It was SO much fun. I loved the whole process, the fun fabric {oh the fabric these days}, watching it come together, the quick gratification of a lovely handmade piece. Needle. Bobbin. Thread. I was hooked.

Thus my sewing took off, quickly replacing my other love of knitting {hence my shop name, Knitty Bitties}, and the rest is history. 6-7 days a week. 3-6 hours a day I am cutting or sewing something. And still loving it.

I’m no expert and don’t pretend to do things the ‘right’ way … but I do have lots and lots of practice and I’d love to share a little about what I’ve learned and what’s worked for me, with YOU!

See you next Wednesday!

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