Custom Orders {Everyday Fresh Tote}

I sewed up a couple custom “Everyday Fresh Totes” last week and wanted to share them with you. This is quite possibly my favorite tote style. I love the solid base with the punches of print & color from the designer fabrics. I love the fun quilted interior. I love the pockets … all 12 of them {hello Type A organizer}! I love the versatility of it … while designed to be a ‘diaper’ tote, it could easily be a travel tote, project/hobby tote, church tote or everyday tote. But probably what I love most about this tote is how durable it is, no really I’ll give you proof positive at the end of this post.

Fresh Tote #1 – Magnetic Closure

Fresh Tote #2 – Zippered Closure {addt’l $10}

Do you notice anything different about these two totes? Yes, the outside pockets are a little different. On one they are set up a bit higher and on the second, they are flush with the bottom of the tote. I was mixing it up and seeing what I liked best, but really I can’t decide … what do you think?

And here’s your proof of durability.

This was one of the first Fresh Totes {named for your ‘fresh’ and new little one} I made over 3 years ago. It gets used everyday and has been packed to the brim.

Look at it! Sure, it’s loved, but it has held up for 3 years looking pretty good if you ask me {but I might be biased ;D}.

I don’t currently have the Everyday Fresh Tote {$54} listed as it is a custom order, but I’ll be listing them again come January. If you’d like to get added to my 2012 custom calendar please e-mail me or send me an Etsy convo … I’d love to talk to you more about it!


  1. I love that aqua + red tote – so adorable!! :)

  2. These look great! I like both looks, but I think for the sake of stains/wear I would put the solid at the bottom. Hate to get those beautiful prints dirty!

  3. LOVE the totes! Is this your design? I haven’t followed your blog very long. I looked in your shop hoping you sold the pattern!! I’m in the search of a purse for myself with many many pockets and durable!

  4. Cute Cute Cute! For what it’s worth, I like the pockets set up a little higher (as they are on the aqua/red tote). But myabe I’m just biased because I love aqua & red? Either way – beautifully done!

  5. Sandy C says:

    I was hoping you’d do a post showing my most gorgeous bag! I do love the other one, too! I also have a hobo tote and firmly believe, “Thou shalt not leave thy house without thy Knitty Bitties bag”. No other purse compares!

  6. I’ve been carrying my Hobo tote every single day since I got it and it’s held up beautifully! At some point I’d love to put in a custom order for another one AND for one of these Fresh totes!! By far my favorite purse and I can’t wait to have another.

  7. you kill me.
    those are AH-mazing!

  8. must have.

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