Oh Happy Day!

I love to wish people a happy day. I really do.
I sign e-mails with “Happy Day!”
I end blog comments with “Happy Day!”
I even incorporated it into my post signature with “Happy Creating!”

{Custom Mug Rug/Coffee Coat set(s) for Miss “Happy” Jeannett herself … don’t these just make you smile?}

I know not every day is a happy day. I don’t live in fantasy land. I’d don’t have a perfect life. I have real problems. I have big heartaches. I make mistakes. I need forgiveness.

But I try to in some small way look for a little bit of happy in each day. The silver lining. The thankful heart. If nothing else, “God thank you for the gift of today.”

happy day

So when I read about Julie {Joy’s Hope} & Jeannett’s {Life Rearranged} “Happy Day Project” I couldn’t help but jump on board.

Even better? My little is on track break from school next week so we can do each one together during the day.

{… and the matching coffee coats.}

So what do you say? Are you in for a little spreading of happy in your bit of the world?


  1. Oh that rainbow chevron print makes me so darned happy:) Love it!

  2. I have to let you know that I ordered and received two of your camera straps, and they make me very happy! So you have spread happiness my way! I LOVE them!

  3. eek!
    i died.
    for real.
    love love love.
    you rock it out of the park lady!!!

    oh, and excited you’re playing along!

  4. You know how I love those bright colors and polka dots! I love them! We’re jumping on board with the Happy Day project too! :)

  5. the glass is half full. I am a self proclaimed eternal optimist. I always look for the silver lining. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. I LOVE it!
    I love you!
    You are so adorable!
    Your passion for sewing and creating just bubbles over!
    Thanks for sharing such gigantic portions of talent and CHEER each day!
    You are a doll~baby!
    HaPPy Day to YOU!
    I love the idea of a HAPPY Day Project!
    Hugs from Bainbridge

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