{Thankful} Catch Up & Compassion

I am SO far behind on my thankful posts …

Good thing I have a few camera pictures to remind me of my days and the thankfulness in each of them.

{My bestie, Jessie, & I}

Day 14 –
Thankful for friends that are as close as family … or “chosen” family. We love our home away from home in Oregon and are thankful for sharing in their days.

{Wow! Look at that DARK hair. I think I love it!}

Day 15 –
Thankful for the beauty of nature. A day at the ‘beach’ {I always feel weird calling the Oregon Coast the beach} with my boys. It was perfect … 55, sunny and no wind. We did some antiquing, walked the beach, got sprayed by waves, ate saltwater taffy and enjoyed lunch overlooking a bay.

Day 16 –
Thankful for the gift of children. Getting to experience life through their eyes … the fun of creating their first animal at Build-a-Bear to the delight of mini cupcakes {oh wait, that was the mama’s delight}.

Day 17 –
Thankful for a child who likes the car. We love to go on drives and take road trips … so I’m thankful for our little traveler who does so well … even when the DVD player dies before the trip back home.

Day 18 –
Thankful for safe travels and a sound vehicle. We’ve been a one car family for almost 3 years and we hope to make it another 2 before we have to buy another car. No car payment and only one fuel-efficient gas tank to fill each week is a huge blessing on our budget.

Day 19 –
Thankful for our soldiers … particularly my nephew who we welcomed home from his tour in Iraq. Such a selfless job/position to take on … I’m so thankful for the freedom we have and the sacrifice to keep that freedom.

Day 20 –
Thankful for rest. Every Sunday we ALL take a nap {or quiet time}. It is a guilt free time to recharge our batteries for the week. I love Sunday evenings after we’ve all had a good nap.

Day 21 –
Thankful for my niece-in-law. She’s not only family, but one of my dearest friends. What a joy it’s been to watch her grow into a mother this last year and the blessing of now being a Great Aunt to my sweet baby great niece.

Day 22 –
Thankful that I’m a girl. For so many reasons … but today thinking of the great fun that a group of girls who have {mostly} come together every 4th Tuesday night of the month for 9 years can have. I look forward to my “Bunko Night Out” every month.

Day 23 –
Thankful for sewing. I love it … and when I get to share that love with someone else and see them enjoy it, well I’m just so thankful for God making me with this creative thread running through my soul.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I know so many of you will be enjoying time with family and friends around a table of wonderful food. I don’t really care for traditional “Thanksgiving” food, so for me, it could be easy to skip over this holiday and head straight to Christmas … but I really am so very thankful for the life I have been given. 

Sponsor a Child in Jesus Name with Compassion

A few years ago I wanted to do something tangible for our then 4 year old to better understand how much he has to be thankful for. As a family we went online to Compassion International and picked a child {same month/year of birth as our son} to sponsor. It’s a great reminder to our little about how much we have to be thankful for and how thankful we are to be able to help others. We pray for our child, Broakline, send him letters and anxiously await his in return. Maybe this is a tangible way for you to help cultivate a thankful heart in your child this season. Just click on the button above to learn more.

{Credit:: Craftily Ever After}

Happy Thanksgiving!! Enjoy your day FULL of GIVING THANKS!

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