{Thankful} Day 7 & A Winner

So I posted earlier today that I was thankful for lower than expected/hoped for sales with my Handmade Holiday Promotions. Last year I had such great success, selling out of 2 of the 3 promotions, so I figured this year would be the same or better, right? Wrong. I’m not sure what the difference was, but I’ll tell you that I am thankful for the way it worked out.

Before the first promotion was listed, I prayed for ‘just the right amount of sales.’ I prayed because I didn’t know what that number. I knew what I might hope for from a financial point, I knew what I was capable from a physical point, but only God knew what was the right number for me.

I’ve spent the last few weeks un-stressed, engaged with my family and able to meet all the commitments in my life. I’ve had just the right amount of sales and custom orders to keep me busy, but not up until the wee hours of the night. Just the right amount to finish during the day and be able to do homework, put a home cooked meal on the table and spend a time with my husband in the evening.

For that I am thankful. It is SO easy to focus on sales and $$ and keeping up with ‘so and so’ but you know, none of that feeds my soul like praying for guidance with my shop, trusting that the right amount of $$ will be there and knowing it isn’t about ‘so and so’ but me and my family.

Today I was so thankful to have a day at home with no schedule (thank you track break from school). I caught up on some orders and prep before the shop goes on vacation next week {more on that later this week}; I made mini loaves of pumpkin bread to deliver to neighbors for today’s “Happy Day Project”; I played monopoly; I got Starbucks; I read with my little and now I’m off to snuggle with husband while we watch a little Arrested Development.

And ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

If you were comment #64, you’re going to be awfully thankful too, because you just won an AccuQuilt Go! Baby Fabric Cutter and your choice of THREE dies.

Happy Day Angie {MaddyMazeStudio}!!
{Please e-mail me your contact information and die choices.}


  1. Congrats Angie! Although I have to say that I have been trying and this is like maybe my 5th time trying to win a Go Baby cutter. LOL 😛

    Maybe next time!

  2. Congratulations Angie!

  3. I’m glad you’ve been able to enjoy some down time with your guys!

  4. Read your thankful story. And can relate to the “lower than last” year situation. So I tweeted with a pic of your camera straps. Hope something comes of it. Note I hashtagged camera & camera strap. You might do a couple with masculine colors or patriotic or earthy tones to meet the expectations of different folks. here’s the tweet link: https://twitter.com/#!/laneycath/status/134392386699788288

  5. oops sent them to your blog rather than your etsy store – here’s the tweet corrected. Y’a really should include a photo with your tweets! and hashtags too If BHG and Walmart are including pictures – they are a link to a FULL SCREEN SIZE – then why aren’t you sweet little mommy bloggers? https://twitter.com/#!/laneycath/status/134394787104174080

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