{Thankful} Days 3-5

Day 3~
Thankful for a little pampering today. I get my hair cut about every 6-9 months. Seriously. So it felt so nice to take the ‘day off’ from work and enjoy a fresh new cut and color. I also decided to pamper my feet which get so beat up with running. It’s embarrassing how much time they have to spend scrubbing, clipping and filing to make them more presentable :). My sweet husband even encouraged me to get a massage too. That is a good man!

Day 4~
Thankful for an evening at home and a home cooked meal together. After many weeks of quick meals due to soccer, church and late nights working I cooked 4 out of five nights. Whoo-hoo. We tried three new recipes via Pinterest. Creamy Chicken Taquitos (yum!), Cinnamon Buttermilk Muffins (yes this was a quick dinner before church on Wednedsay) & Pizza Bites (yum, again!).

Day 5~
As I type this my husband is at work. Again. He’s worked SO much the last month and never grumbles or complains. So thankful for his work ethic and his self-sacrificing attitude for our family. He puts me to shame.


  1. My husband got me a massage for my birthday last year–one of the best hours ever :)

  2. Ive never had a massage or a pedicure. Im OK with that now but afraid to do it once for fear Id never be happy without one every now and then after that:)
    I know what you mean about it being nice to just relax. We’ve done that this weekend and its so refreshing!
    And on the haircuts? Im the same way. Im thankful I have really healthy hair so I can do that. I just cant justify the price of a cut for simply trimming the ends(our budget doesnt allow that either:))
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

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