Handmade Gifts {for Kids}

This year *almost* all of my ‘handmade’ gifts were for the kiddos in my life. In this day and age of technology and gadgets, it’s a challenge to find something I can make that will not only be used, but also enjoyed by the child.

For my niece I already knew I wanted to make her a quilt. The colors aren’t exactly what she might have requested, but I still hope that she loves it and she’ll enjoy it for many years to come {even past the days of pink and purple}. Here is the finished top:

I’ll share the rest of the quilt soon, but seeing as how I just finished stitching it, I need to wash it, photo it, wrap it and gift it all by Saturday!

For my ‘niece-by-choice’ {my bestie’s little girl} I wanted to do a little something handmade to go with the toy I bought her. Knowing the small pieces of my gift could easily get lost, I whipped up a cute little coordinating drawstring bag from this tutorial {so clever … I learned a new trick for sewing bags!}. It’s functional, practical {no other wrapping needed} and adorable!

I also had grand plans of making {2} Faux Chenille Blankets. If you’ve never made one of these, they are SO cool when they are done. But they are also SO much work!!  Well one is done, but it was a bit of a handmade fail as I didn’t re-read the directions and went off of memory from a year ago. I’m still irritated, so I’ll show pictures {and a “learn from my mistake lesson”} later.

Lastly, I always try to make something for my little. This year I decided to make him a wallet based on Noodlehead’s awesome tutorial. It came together SO fast and I think it’s pretty cool … perfect for an almost 8 year old. I used a scrap of my husband’s old cargo pants for the exterior {you can even see an old ink stain on the front} and a gray flannel & guitar print on the inside. I need a little work on my grommet setting, but everything else was smooth sailing.

Did you brave any handmade projects for kids this year?


  1. You came up with some really darling gifts!

    I made some pjs, a knitted scarf and hat for my son (the hat I am still working on).

    I also made a hat for my brother.

  2. I love the drawstring bag(the whole gift is simply adorable!) and follow InColorOrder…SUCH an inspiring blog!
    Sadly, Ive not had the time to make handmade gifts this year as I wanted to. Going back to teaching has sapped all my extra time.
    Im hoping to finish a set of doll quilts for my daughters doll bunkbeds(they were mine and my sisters when we were little):)
    Merry Christmas sewing friend!

  3. The deer fabric is perfect with the set for Miss E! She’ll love it!
    The quilt for K is obviously adorable! And I’m sure the blankets for C & S will be fine! I think the wallet is pretty great too!
    Well done! My “handmade” gifts were easy peasy this year. Nothing to brag about that’s for sure :)

  4. well no handmade gifts here, but the girls made lots for us and the family. ;o)

    i love the deer fabric, too cute.

    and thanks again for helping me out on a last minute gift, my friend loved her green mug rug!

    Merry Christmas!

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