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Well I guess when I said I was re-charging my batteries that also meant a little break from the blog. Often times something has to give and the blog is something that doesn’t have to happen. I can start feeling so guilty for a lack of posting or inspiring content, but really I have to give myself permission to NOT carry that guilt. When real life means I don’t have time to blog, but instead means I’m spending time with family and friends … well, there is no guilt in that, right?

This weekend we had our “Ladies Christmas Party” at church. We’ve decided on a theme of ‘service’ for 2012 and we kicked it off at our Christmas party by bringing new PJ’s and books for kids in our local foster care system. I think we collected over 40 sets of PJ’s/Books AND made 10 fleece tie blankets {we broke into teams and made this a timed event … very fun!!} as well.

I thought I would share a few ‘gems’ from our guest speaker in hopes that you would find them as encouraging as I did. I know that this time of year has a focus of service, but I think this is an excellent reminder to start 2012 with this mindset as well.

A list of all the ways you can serve ‘one another’ from the bible::

·         Fellowship w/one another
·         Love one another
·         Members of one another
·         Devoted to one another
·         Outdo one another in showing honor
·         Rejoice with one another
·         Weep with one another
·         Same mind toward one another
·         Don’t judge one another
·         Accept one another
·         Counsel one another
·         Greet one another
·         Wait for one another
·         Care of one another
·         Serve one another
·         Bear one another’s burdens
·         Be kind to one another
·         Forgive one another
·         Submit to one another
·         Bearing with one another
·         Encourage one another
·         Build up one another
·         Stir up one another
·         Be hospitable to one another
·         Minister gifts to one another
·         Minister with humility to one another
·         Speak no evil against one another
·         Not grumble against one another

Isn’t that good? Isn’t it convicting? It’s clear that Jesus thought it was very important for us to serve one another! And the great things is you don’t even have to go looking for service opportunities. Every day, if you cross the path of another person, you have an opportunity to serve.

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Laura @ Laura’s Crafty Lifesaid…
I like Erin Condren on Facebook. I think I would love to get a Life Planner in totally stripes! :)
December 2, 2011 8:10 AM

Congratulations Laura! You are half way to that Life Planner ;). Send me your contact information so I can get your gift certificate to you.

Orders are all caught up and I’ll finish up any last minute ones I receive today {TODAY IS THE LAST DAY TO ORDER from the shop FOR CHRISTMAS!!}. Then it’s all ‘handmade gift’ sewing for me. I can’t wait to share the fun stuff I’m *hoping* to have finished in the next 10 days … yikes!! Is anyone else as last minute as me?!?!


  1. I am so happy to read that you have given yourself a guilt free break from blogging. I am currently in the midst of one myself, and it is hard to just let it go. Why? I have no idea. Friends and family are more important this time of year, so I am enjoying just being and not doing all the time.

    I love that list of things we can do to minister to one another. There is always work to be done and always a way to help and uplift one another. That list is a good reminder.

    Have a great day!

  2. Definitely do not feel guilty about your blog and not posting. It can be hard, especially if you start comparing your blog to others, but you gotta do what works for you and your family!

    Also, thanks again for the giveaway! I am so excited to have won. :)

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