The halls are decked …

They’ve actually been decked since December 1st, but I finally snapped a few photos on Friday {before my Sweets surprised me with a middle-of-the-day shopping & lunch date} to share with you this week before Christmas.

I had such a wonderful weekend … a mix of to-do’s, want-to’s, family time and holiday prepping. A couple of activities fell through and you know, it worked out perfectly.

I cut.
I sewed.
I stamped.
I ran a fun run.
I napped.
I painted.
I ‘etched’ glass.
I sewed.
I napped.
I painted.
I baked.

See? Lots of fun in that list, yes?

I’m going to have fun this week showing you just what I was working on.

But while you wait {and while I sew, paint and bake some more} here is a little peek into what Christmas looks like at our house::

Standing in the kitchen looking through the ‘dining room’ into the living room. Really this is all one really large room ‘seperated’ by a really large arch way. This is where we spend the majority of our time and this is where I focus our decorations.

A cozy little corner with a quilt, pillows, basket of winter/holiday books and a fire {oh and antler headbands in case you’re feeling extra festive}. Perfect.

Our orange accent wall … it doesn’t exactly blend with the Christmas decor, but it works. Or it works for us.

A close up of a sweet little printable {Craftily Ever After} & bowl of glitter ornaments {WalMart last year} and snow.

This isn’t Christmas decor, but I did remember to snap a photo of my new ‘God is Good’ print from Day Spring. It hangs on a small wall that separates our entry way from our kitchen {do you get my ‘cleverness’ hanging it below our clock?!?}.

Our Christmas tree sits between the living room and dining room at the center of our great room. I love our tree. It’s traditional and filled with all the ornaments we love. I do add some wooden bead garland, grapevine & raffia to ‘tie’ it all together, but that’s all the ‘filler’ I’ve got … no shiny balls for this girl ;).

Love this little ‘scene’ at the top of the tree …

Thanks for hanging out and taking the tour. If I could, I would invite you all in for a fresh baked cookie and a mug of salted caramel hot chocolate. Mmmmm.


  1. gorgeous!! :)

  2. Everything looks amazing and cozy. And that Dayspring print? I would Love that…its one of my favorite sayings(because its been a reminder in the not so great times).
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Looks wonderful – as always! Maybe the mug of hot chocolate and the fresh baked cookies could make it out to New Plymouth for a “home visit”!

    Happy Anniversary

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