Five days until Christmas?!?


I know! My great niece is just as shocked as you and I. {This picture really has nothing to do with Christmas, but I couldn’t resist sharing it! And I think her mom will get a kick out of it when she reads this post.}

This happens every December … and yet every December I’m still surprised at just how fast it all goes by.

Adding a wedding anniversary into the mix doesn’t help. Who decides that FIVE days before Christmas is a good day to get married? {20 year old me … that’s who} I apologize again to my family, what a year that must have been for you!

Happy Anniversary to my Sweets!


  1. Aw, she is adorable! Happy Holidays!! xxx

  2. Such a cutie! And you are forgiven – it was a beautiful wedding. Don’t remember Christmas so much that year:) Other than you did give us our first “son” for Christmas!

  3. Getting married right before Christmas is a completely rational decision.
    I can’t believe we’re in the homestretch to Christmas already! Crazy!

  4. What?!? a cutie pie. Happy Anniversary to you.

  5. Oh my!! Too cute! LOVE that picture! Happy anniversary!

  6. Aw, what a cutie! 😉

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