Well first, let me say “Happy 2012 to You!!”

We ‘rang in’ the New Year watching Cold Play perform on Austin City Limits with my niece and nephew. It was a low key fun evening … but man am I tired today. I slept until 9AM. Then after church and lunch I was back in bed for a little nap-a-roo at 1:30PM. Pathetic {and wonderful} I tell ya!

Really if I’m being honest with you, the only thing different about today verses the last 8 days is that I stayed up until 1AM. The waking up late and napping … not much different.

{Handmade Christmas gift from my mom … a zig zag crochet throw. Love it!! It’s been making my naps even sweeter!!}

I’ve been craving rest thanks to all the hustle and bustle of Christmas and the cold that not so gently reminded me I need to SLOW down and REST.

{I love our bed. Lots of fluffy pillows & blankets to really snuggle up with.}

So that is just what I’ve done and I feel great and can’t wait to really get this new year started … but for now I have 2 1/2 more days of ‘rest’ time with my family and I’m going to enjoy every bit of it!!


  1. Use it in good

    good years

  2. LOVE the blanket!
    Our break comes to an end tomorrow. As I woke up late again this morning I was sad to know it’ll be the last time for awhile. It’s been such a great break for us!

    Happy New Year’s my friend!

  3. Happy 2012!! I love that chevron blanket, so cute! :)

  4. Happy 2012!
    That blanket is adorable!
    We’re already back into the swing of things, today is Ash’s first day back and I’m afraid the house may get a little too quiet.
    Enjoy your last break day with E!

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