Top 11 for 2011 {Sewing Projects}

Well it’s taken me a few weeks longer than the rest of you to fully embrace 2012 and reflect on 2011. I’ve got a few things to say so I’m going to break this up into a couple post for the remaining Fridays in January.

Today I wanted to reminisce about my top 11 projects of 2011 … sewing for either myself or loved ones for tutorials or fun … sewing that wasn’t for the shop.

Hearts on a String Table Runner Tutorial
{Hosted by Joy’s Hope}

Hoop Art
{This was the first of many this year (for this swap) … a new love.}

A Spring Day Pillow Tutorial
{My submission to my Spring Board collaboration.}

On the Road to Spring Quilt
{Created for ME … it became our ‘Christmas Quilt’ and my husband has not commandeered it. Love it!}

Pup Mat Tutorial
{Created for our sweet little Daisy girl}

Learn to Sew Basic Quilt Tutorial
{Hosted at Tip Junkie}

Zig-Zag Quilt
{Created for my great-niece … love this quilt, love her more.}

Cushion Cover
{Created for my niece, for my great-niece’s nursery rocking chair. Using my Chair Cushion Re-Cover Tutorial.}

 Pinwheels in the Park Quilt
{Created for my bestie. She’s pretty sure it’s the only quilt I’ll ever make her.}

Zig-Zag Ricky Rac Table Runner Tutorial
{Created with my new Go! Baby AccuQuilt die cutter.}

Zig-Zag Ricky Rac Pillow Cover Tutorial
{Hosted by Tip Junkie.}

Piece of Cake Quilt
{Created for my niece for Christmas.}

And there you have it!
I surprised myself by just how much I got done this year aside from sewing for the shop. I love being able to sew for others {and encourage other to sew by creating tutorials} and often feel spread to thin, but reviewing all of these {and there were several others I didn’t list} helps me give myself a little grace. 

{Speaking of tutorials, I discovered (right before Christmas) that I had lost my tutorials page with my blog update!! I am working to get this list complete again and will let you know when it’s back. Thanks for your patience.}


  1. Hello Andrea,
    Amazing, you are super talented. I love the puppy mat, pillow and the hoop art (can’t just pick one). I am inspired.
    Happy Sewing in 2012.
    Smiles, Paula

  2. Wow! You got a lot done on top of the a lot you get done for the shop! Very impressive! One of my 40 by 40 things is to make a quilt for our family every year. Since I got that one done last year, I’m hoping it will keep going for the next 5 years!

  3. I wish we were neighbors so you could give me sewing lessons!! I love all of your projects! Maybe one day I’ll learn how to use my little pink sewing machine :)

  4. That is impressive! I put out my “hearts on a string” table runner this morning. I love all of those– you are such an inspiration!

  5. Love! But what I love most is that the hoop art gets live at my house…it makes me smile every time I see it! 😉

  6. gorgeous projects!! :)

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