Hello wonderful weekend:: Baby shower, wonderful Saturday with our family of three and finishing the weekend with a girls night out seeing The Vow, followed by a delicious dinner.

Hello week full of potential.

Hello to NO doctor’s appointments, ortho. appointments or ER visits.

Hello to birthday preparations.

Hello to shop sewing.

Hello to LOVE.

My little’s “Valentine Monster” for school valentines.

Glow stick Valentines {thanks to a friend sharing on Facebook}

Starburst Valentines {thanks to Pinterest}

Wishing you a wonderful Monday and a LOVEly week!!

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  1. That monster is super cute! Thank you for a fabulous girly day yesterday, it was the perfect break from the day to day and made me feel ready for this week!

  2. Love the Valentine’s. They were super cute. We almost did the glow stick one but switched at the last minute. My BFF did the glow stick ones for her daughter.

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