A party for my book worm …

We had two ideas for party themes this year … a ‘Presidential’ theme given my son’s birthday falling on President’s day this year … or a ‘Book Worm’ theme given his new passion for reading.

The Book Worm won out and I have to say I was pretty excited that it did. I had so much fun putting this party together. This year was our ‘Family Party’ year. We alternate years that my son has a ‘Friend Party’ … on the off year we spend a little more $$ doing fun things as a family on his birthday. All that to say I didn’t have to plan party games and I elected to reduce some stress and not host a meal this year … just dessert.

So … here goes …

A ‘Book Worm’ Birthday Party::

This may have been my favorite detail that set the rest in motion. I figured that a library card would make the perfect ‘book worm’ invitation so I asked my favorite librarian {aka, my MIL who is our church librarian} for a few cards. Not only did she provide me with cards, but self adhesive pockets! Whoo-hoo! Now, these might look tricky, but seriously, I did these {I only had to make 8} in about an hour. The hardest part was formatting the card to print right. I used Adobe Illustrator and measured, added a ruler line, measured, added a ruler line, repeat, repeat, repeat. Added words {forgot to spell check} and printed. Adjusted wording and printed, repeat, repeat, call it good enough. I just adhered the pocket to a piece of card stock and added a bit of ribbon and a book worm created on the Silhouette {details & links below}.


  • Lime Green & Aqua Blue
  • Favorite books filled the living room
  • Streamers, paper lanterns and balloons {not pictured}
  • Happy Birthday Banner 

The banner was created using card stock {lime green, aqua blue & kraft} layered with book pages {Wind and the Willows, Target $1 Spot} & Twine {Caribbean & Honeydew}. I cut the colored cardstock and letters using my Silhouette.

I also created a custom word search for a little fun for the adults. Little did I know how serious this would be taken. I should have had grown up prizes. I forgot to get a picture of the word search, but here are several of the guys concentrating. It ended up being a really hard word search!

Favor Bags~
We don’t have very many kiddos in our family, so I was able to spend a little more on the favor bags this year. Regardless of the money spent, I like to send kids home with something that might actually get used for more than 10 minutes and then thrown away.

Each bag was created from paper grocery bags sewn together on three sides, stuffed and then the top folded over and stitched including a name tag.

Each bag included::

  • A set of bookplates {free printable}
  • A ribbon bookmark {created from this tutorial}
  • A pack of gummy worms 
  • Blank book & crayons {$1.00 at Craft Warehouse / Crayola pack divided}
  • An age appropriate book

The printables for the name tag and packs of gummy worms came from a free set on Rebecca Cooper’s blog, simple as that. They worked perfect for this party!!


Table Setting~
I used wrapping paper and kraft paper to create a table runner. I scattered more of the book pages from the book along the center, using the ones with illustrations. The paper goods were from Target. I used mason jars to hold the utensils, ramikins for the gummy worms and cake plates for the cupcakes/cakes.

Tiny Details~

  • Little Books:: Created by cutting a piece of colored card stock 1.5×3 and folding it in half. I cut scrap printer paper 1.25×2.5 and folded it in half for the pages. Add a staple and whaa-laa … a tiny book! I glued the books to toothpicks to create cupcake toppers.
  • Book Worms:: Created using this download for my Silhouette. These were a bit tedious and did require patience and tweezers to glue on the glasses and mouth. They were such a great touch though it was worth the extra effort. Again, I glued these to toothpicks.
  • Cake Banner:: Created by cutting triangles from a folded rectangle of colored card stock and then gluing them to the twine which tied to two skewers. I added some of the little books and worms to the base of the banner along with gummy worms.

And a few more birthday bits not related to the actual party, but still fit with the color scheme …

Birthday fun to wake up to …

{Credit: Secrets of a Super Mommy}

Birthday ‘treats’ for classmates …

Simple card designed by me and a ‘sticky lizard’ was attached to each one.

If you’re still reading … thank you!! I never know how much detail to include, but I figure that since I’m greatly inspired by the wonderful ideas in cyber-land, I’ll go with more is better. I really do think that my party planning goes faster and comes together better thanks to being able to pool a bunch of creative minds instead of just my own!

My “Ideas for parties” board can be found here. Enjoy!

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  1. I just love it! Those little books are so cute and the colors you used for the party are great (we just used those same colors for a party and even the same plates and napkins … love them!). I’m pinning this!

  2. This is AWESOME!!! I love coming up with themes for birthday’s!! My daughter is only 2 and I have tons of ideas for themes…..probably enough to get her to her 30th birthday!! :-)

  3. great book worm party for your gr8 kid!
    i love all the details!
    we do the same rotation for parties, although last year was our off year for friends and Abigail talked me into one. ;o) So now the girls aren’t on the same year, which could be a good thing.

  4. what a great party theme. you carried it out perfectly!

  5. As a book worm, I loove this! Such a cute idea. :)

  6. Love it all! I’m glad you shared all the details!

    I loved when G walked in your house on E’s birthday and was so excited to look at his Kindle. It cracked me up that they’re such little nerds and got so excited about it! :)

  7. What a super-cool party!! You do such an amazing job – I still remember the lego party ideas (was that last year?). I predict we’ll be seeing all this cuteness on Pinterest in nothing flat.

    Good job!!!

  8. Super cute! Loved all of the details!

  9. This is absolutely adorable!! I’ll definitely have to tuck these details away for my own little bookworms. Well done!

  10. That looks like such a great party! I like decorating a cake and admit that’s where the decor stops. I want to decorate more, but don’t plan well enough.

  11. Andrea….your party is SO darling! I just love what you did with my printables!! :)

  12. What a fantastic party! I’m going to implement some of your ideas for our summer reading party in June! I’ve also linked to your post on our Parties & Entertaining forum at iVillage ~ http://forums.ivillage.com/t5/Party-Talk-Tips/Book-Worm-party/td-p/118985841/

  13. Loooooove it all, Andrea!! What a super fun idea and I am so with you on the goodie bags- love your thoughtfulness!

  14. LOVE this idea! I have a bookworm or two myself. :)

  15. What a GREAT party. I’m a bookworm as is my hubby, and looks like our 2.5 year old twins are too. Can’t wait til I can do this for them!

  16. Love this party idea – for me or my oldest! Fun stuff.

  17. Our littlest guy turns 2 next month and his theme is books. I love the little bookworm, gotta check and see if my friends have a silhouette!

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