Well hello THURSDAY!!

How did that happen?!?

Oh yeah, we took a little trip to see my bestie and her family … and while I had plans of pre-posting, that didn’t quite happen … and then I thought maybe I’d blog while on vacation … uhm, nope … to much lazying around, chatting and eating.

So, let’s catch up … OK?

First, ya’ll really love yourselves some fabric. Hello abundance of comments!! I’ve loved reading through them. You still have today to enter to win this fun little bundle::

Second, I’m extending my Shop Sale through this weekend and then all of those items will be gone.gone.gone. Seriously, have you looked at the adorable deals you can get::

Third … hmmm, this wasn’t isn’t quite as fun to share. But, I want to let you know that I will be raising the price on my camera strap slipcovers. I’ve held off a long time {as in I have never raised the price since I started selling them}, but with the increased cost in fabric {yikes} and the unique design {patchwork fabric doesn’t come that way … I sew every strip together} and attention to detail {reinforced stitching & top-stitching} it’s time.

The new price will be $22/slipcover. But to soften the blow, I’m offering 20% off through February {use FEBCAMERA20 at checkout} which is even less than my old price!

Fourth, I’ve added a few new mug rugs/sets to the shop::

Fifth, I’m very encouraged by this blog series for moms, Cultivating a Heart for Motherhood. What a gift to be a mom! There is no better job I could ask for than being Mama. It’s worth every sacrifice and heart ache. Those wonderful moments that you get throughout the day {as few and short lived as they are some days} make up for the rest of it. BUT, I’ve been doing this gig for almost 8 years now and I still flounder.a.lot. I need encouraged, re-freshed, re-charged and to remember that I can not do it all by myself. I need help.

Sixth … {related to being a mother, LOL} I’m challenging you to join me in ‘Fab-Ab February’ … a pin I saw last month and decided to try in hopes that my ‘mommy tummy’ might disappear. I figure it can’t hurt right? Who wants to join me?

Phew … I think that’s all for now. How about I make an appearance Friday with another riveting post {and giveaway winner}?!?


  1. muriel says:

    Hello from France! I love your mug rugs, pretty and so convenient. But my question is: “Where can I find the mugs?” I so love them.

  2. I like your bibs they are cute.

  3. Okay, I totally need to do the Fab Ab February…thanks for sharing! πŸ˜‰

  4. Oh goodness. I might need another camera strap at that price!

    And Fab Ab February…I’ll give it a shot! In addition to the BRUTAL Shed & Shred I started with Jillian. Yikes!

  5. I am in definite need of Fab Ab Feb! I never got the abs back after #1 and now that we have #2, the sooner, the better! Thanks for sharing!

  6. alright! gonna try the Fab Ab February too. (love keeping up with your blog!)

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