Hurray … another week of snapshots of life around here {Insta-Friday with Life ReArranged}::

Ahhhh ... new socks

New socks … I have a thing for new socks … love them. I buy the Adidas low-cut pack at Costco and pretty much wear them like slippers {when I’m not wearing my slippers}.

Assembly line shower invites ...

Assembly line baby shower invites for tonight’s ‘sweetheart’ shower.

My shadow keeping me company...

Ahhh, a run … my only one this week, but I’m so glad I went and enjoyed the SUN. My shadow keeps me company when I run, weird I know, but I love when it shows up for my last mile and I just pretend like it’s my running partner. Whatever works, right??

Happy mail ...

I arrived home from my run to a text telling me to check my front step. Yea for sweet friends dropping off these delicious cookies. Thanks friend they were very much enjoyed this week!

Fresh haircut & bye bye braces ...

A fresh hair-cut and the last picture of my little with braces {for now, but forever I hope}. We switched to a retainer and I’m now counting the days until that is lost … a retainer is a big {er, little} thing to keep track of in 2nd grade!!

And I love you ...

An afternoon date with my favorite 5 month old. Notice her shirt? Yeah, I might have picked that up for her for Christmas. Boy did she make me laugh yesterday. Love her.

A good way to pass the wait time ...

{Looking shocked when he saw/heard the camera flash} … I love that reading a book while we wait for our dinner to arrive was his first choice. He’s is a ravenous reader and I’m still amazed at how much he’s read in the last year. He also quizzed the staff about their favorite mammal for a school project. I couldn’t help but laugh at how the world ‘mammal’ instead of animals caught them in their tracks and caused them to stumble for an answer?!? Really people, a mammal … just pick a dog if you’re confused!

Happy Weekend!


  1. Ha ha “just pick a dog if you’re confused” That made me laugh :)

    I just had my own sweet treat dropped off at my door. Thanks – you made my day :)

  2. My little guy (7, in first grade) is LOVING to read too. Can you recommend some good books? I’m having a hard time finding “clean” ones. He LOVES the Fly Guy series, but has blown through those and needs a little more of a challenge!

  3. I love your little niece’s shirt! Very cute! :)

  4. So fun!! Love the Everlee pic & E’s braces!! How did the shower go?? Call me tomorrow.

    PS – Who was the sweet friend that left treats? I have a guess…


  5. fun post, so much to comment on
    i always buy costco socks too
    melissa just bought that cute onesie at kohls yesterday (they are having an additional 40% off on their clearance right now) for her soon to arrive niece
    and a last picture in braces, i can’t wait for that! i’m almost at my one year anniversary.

    enjoy your weekend!

  6. Thinking I need to pick up some of those socks :) I don’t like the way the Bandana ones make my ankles look, can we say vanity while working out?

    And my favorite mammal? That’d be a manatee.

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