Alright, joining in …

life rearranged

I’ve been wanting too for weeks now and finally have figured out a system that will work. Now to remember to make more daily snap shots …

Here’s what I’ve been saving up the last few weeks::

Entry way DIY

Project Entry Way happened 2 weeks ago and it is now finished. Well, almost finished. Still needing hooks, baskets and rug … a whole post will be dedicated once it’s complete. I love it!!

Morning view ...

After months of waiting we got snow, and snow, and snow. But only for about 8 hours and then it all melted by the next day. No real sign of it since … boo!

Daisy girl

Our Daisy girl … oh how she makes us smile. I love when she plays by herself … too cute!

Hi-tech kiddos

Our future generation … both well versed on the workings of iPads/tablets. What I don’t have a picture of is me and my bestie {mamas to these two} on our smart phones.

Vacation is hard work ...

Vacation is hard work. I love that I caught this … these sweet ‘little’ boy days are going to be a distant memory way too soon.

Planning ...

Back to work this week … planning and prepping for so many fun new things for the shop … coming March!!

Giveaway Winner will be posted later today. Happy {Insta-Gram} Friday!!


  1. looks like a great week!

  2. Whoa texting and pictures! What’s happening here?!? As soon as you text me a picture I’ll believe you’ve joined the rest of us in the 21st century :)


  3. Visiting from insta-friday. Loving your snow…wishing we had some. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. visiting from instafriday…love the entry! we have the exact same doors in our house and love them! lucky for you, you have at least had some snow this winter!

  5. Aww I love Daisy! So cute! :)

  6. Hey Sweet Girl~
    Are you on Instagram?
    Need to follow you!
    Snuggles to Daisy!

  7. How sweet is this? I didn’t see it before – must have gotten lost in my blog absence. LOVE the pics. What is this InstaFriday all about anyway? You & Kelly are onboard – I might give it a try too…


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