Monday {Update} on Tuesday

Phew …
I took two naps yesterday. Yikes!!
I’m getting ready to come down from the upswing of a baby shower, Valentine’s Day and a birthday party/celebration all within 10 days. One more to go this week, my seester’s birthday, and then I’ll be able to hang up my party hat for a couple of weeks.

All that fun and sugar and family and sugar and decorating and sugar … is exhausting!
{But so sweet and so worth it!}

In between party prep and Valentine’s day, I did manage to wrap up a few projects that have been hanging over my head for {many, many} months.

One was the promised ‘1,000 sale on Etsy’ Everyday Hobo Tote giveaway. I do not know why this took so long to get done. I could blame it on a hundred things, but I think it came down to not wanting to disappoint the recipient.

From what I hear, it was very well received and that makes me so happy. This went to a repeat customer who was oh so patient while she waited for her tote. Thanks Ang!

I also had a birthday gift ‘owed’ to one of my close friends. You see, I only sew gifts for those nearest and dearest to me and well … you usually have to wait to receive your gift. I try to set a ‘3 month’ time limit {following the ‘event’} for myself, but in this case it was almost 5 months later!!

My friend is an AMAZING crocheter {who has gifted me with so many wonderful creations} who requested a basket to hold her works in progress. It took a little thinking … I used the inspiration of this pattern, but this technique for sewing/assembly … but I think it’s perfect.

And her favorite color is green, so the Authentic {by Sweetwater for Moda} charm pack was perfect.

That’s pretty much all the sewing I’ve been up to lately {wha-wha-wha}, but really I can’t complain. This ‘job’ was never meant to dominate my life, but only to enhance it. I have to say no to putting in hours in ‘the shop’ so I can volunteer in my son’s class, help at church, open our home for celebration and be available to watch this sweet one … well there’s no hesitation.

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  1. the tote turned out gorgeous!

  2. I really like that bag with the red flower and the buttons on that tote:)

  3. I try not to do gifts too late, but anything “extra” takes me forever. I think my sister has been waiting on a purse for almost a year.

    Plus I wanted to say that my baby girl has that same onsie from one of my sisters. So cute!

  4. That hobo tote is adorable! I’m almost glad you don’t have more of those in your shop because I’d likely buy way too many of them (but if you ever got around to making another one just like the giveaway tote I’d snatch it up in a second!). I have one and when I try switching to another purse it never feels right and I go right back to my tote from you. I’m definitely in love with it.

    Your friend is very lucky, that basket is adorable!

  5. Love the bag!
    Love the basket! (perfect for her!)
    Love the baby! :)

  6. I’m loving the basket’ it’s exactly what I wanted! AND, it’s been sitting on the end table since Sunday and I haven’t yet had a complaint about anything “homemade” sitting out 😉

  7. Love, love, love. That basket is amazing!

  8. You do such lovely work. I’ll bet everything was very much appreciated.

  9. That basket is adorable!! Nice work!! So are you all caught up right now on gifts? Hope so! That bag is super cute. And that little sweet baby…!!


  10. i love the gray tote you made! i even pinned it! 😉

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