Sewing Inspiration

Oh boy do I have some eye candy for you this Friday …

It just so happens that I wanted to share three things with you and they all have to do with sewing and they all link back to fabulous blogs FULL of sewing inspiration and they all share a similar color palette.

A birthday gift for my Seester … who turned all of 25 yesterday. Gah!! That means I’ll be turning 35 this year!! Hey Summer, let’s pull a Freaky Friday, but instead of you and Mom switching places, hows-about you and I do a switch-a-roo?!?

Anywho, my sister has really been wanting one of the ‘berry baskets’ from Anthropologie. Well hello, I can see why. I decided she needed one and picked up while Christmas shopping {so on top of things. That never happens}. But I couldn’t just give her the berry basket, no I like to add a little something handmade. I joined in on Randi’s sew-along for January and turned two {I made three … don’t worry I’ll share what #3 grew up to be} of my ‘courthouse steps blocks’ into trivets::

After making the first one {the red block with the aqua binding} I realized it was a rather large trivet. So I scaled the second one down a bit, only I made one wrong cut and it became a ‘wonky courthouse steps’ block.

** To make this a ‘trivet’ I simply added a layer of Insul-Bright per their instructions in addition to a layer of cotton batting. **

Randi is hosting a monthly sew-along on her blog, i have to say. This month was an ironing board cover, which I have yet to do, but it is on my ‘must do’ list.

Next up, I wanted to share these lovely bundles of fabric {Ruby Tiny Dots} I was lucky enough to snatch up from the Thimble Blossoms shop. Oh my ‘polka dot loving’ soul! I can not wait to cut into these, but have to make sure I have the perfect project worthy of their cute!

Camille’s blog, Simplify, is also full of lovely. From sewing to her adorable family to her new ‘maybe’ house purchase/project, her pictures and words are sure to lighten up your days and make you smile.

{Photo Credit:: a little sweetness, Esty shop by Tasha Noel}

One last blog I want to share is, a little sweetness, by Tasha. Again, the cute … Tasha shares her talent in the form of embroidery patterns, fabric and prints of her original artwork. Word is spreading fast about Tasha’s first commercial fabric line, The Simple Life. You can read all about her inspiration for the line and spot a little ‘thank you’ that will have you hopping over to her Etsy shop.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to be buying a handful of patterns and maybe using a bit of my Ruby polka dots with them!

In Knitty Bitties shop news, I’ve added another take {5} on the “Winter Gray Skies” colorway for my camera strap slipcovers::

There you have it … a little lot of inspiration to take you into the weekend. I hope you get to create something!


  1. Love how those trivets turned out! They are perfect with that amazing berry basket!

  2. cute trivet to go with the berry basket! i lucked out and got those dots also…SO cute!

  3. how sweet! what a perfect present…one lucky seester :)

  4. Those trivets are adorable, and the polka dot fabric? Love! :)

  5. trivets + berry basket = perfect!

    i love it!

  6. I’m glad Summer finally got the berry basket! Remember all those old ones at Farm Chicks? I think I might actually get some this year. :)

    And LOVE the polka dotted fabric! I may need some of that!

  7. thank you andrea! i was wondering why i was seeing so many links from your blog in my stats! you’re too sweet!!!! :)

    i LOOOVE those strawberry baskets too! mmmm!

  8. so in love with my incredible gift! I will have to take pictures and post them on my blog (one day…hopefully soon). such a thoughtful sister I have, thank you, thank you!

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