Happy Friday … Put a Bird on it!

{In case you don’t know what this print is referring too … first, what rock are you living under and second, I’m sorry you’re living under a rock … go here to clear things up.}

It seems that I’m not immune to the whole bird-craze. I’ll blame it on my close proximity and frequent visits to Portland, Or-e-gone.

COS {Change of Subject}, but also kind of related … I like to ‘do’ something while I hang out with my Sweets in the evening watching TV. I have a hard time just sitting. So I like to find little handiwork projects, like sewing buttons on coffee coats or list takers, snipping thread, turning mini wallets … OR on the occasion that I don’t have any of that to do … embroider or make something. I also like to write run-on sentences and justify them with my use of ‘…’ ellipsis.

My most recent project was this little guy::

He’s my first try and well, he’s a work in progress. His poor little legs just can’t support him yet.

So, lucky for him, he found another feathered friend who gave him a little place to perch himself.

“Birds of a feather, flock together.”

Seriously, isn’t this the cutest pincushion? Thanks Bestie, I heart it so!

At my girls weekend {two weekends ago} I wanted something ‘mindless’ to work on while chattering away with my sweet friends. I decided to give the ‘Little Bunting Bird’ pattern a go. It was so fun to create and while I am very much an amateur embroider, I’m hooked. Now I’m just waiting for inspiration to hit on what to do with it …

So it patiently waits on my board and keeps me company.

Happy Friday!


  1. Yes the handiwork stuff is so fun isn’t it? I really enjoyed making that fire (I finally finished it!) and have been looking for another little project. Maybe a bird… :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love the birds! and…LOVE that COS is becoming part your repertoire!! LOVE YOU!

  3. well i officially live under a rock … but it’s a happy rock, and one i don’t like to venture out of most days. ;o)
    love the bird and needlepoint. i have a needle point project sitting around that i need to start working on. you’ve just given me a little boost to go get it out.

    enjoy your weekend!

  4. So cute! Just put a bird on it! You are just to creative for your own good!

  5. So cute! Love your little felt birdie! And SO glad you like your pin cushion. The embroidery is adorable!! Love it.


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