Hello Monday.

Hello to the beginning of THREE weeks of no school for my little {hello year-round schedule}!!

Hello to a wonderful weekend.

Saturday was full of family. My Seester & I celebrated our Mom’s birthday with her request of pedicures, shopping & lunch. Okay, fine, twist my arm, Mom. Then we got to spend the evening watching our great niece. Love her to pieces.

Sunday was church and naps and grocery shopping and a delicious steak dinner. We finished up the weekend with Mr. Popper’s Penguins {so cute}, Popcorn & Pretzel Chocolate Chip Cookies {if you’ve seen the movie, you might laugh at all those p’s …}.

Hello week full of potential.

Hello to samples to be finished up and shipped off.

Hello to spring crafts with my little.

Hello to lunch dates and play dates.

Hello to sew,sew,sewing for the Snap! Handmade Market.

Hello to getting it all done … or at least making good headway.

I’m going to try to be back tomorrow with a ‘Pinned it and did it’ post!


  1. i love your ‘pinned it and did it’ idea! i have so many things pinned and they just sit there looking pretty on my boards instead of in my house.

  2. sounds like a wonderful weekend. Love the pinned and did idea!! Can’t wait to see what you created!

  3. hello! sounds like some wonderful hellos. happy days with E!

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