Snapshots of life taken with my phone the last week::

Crocheting ...
{Lots of yarn and crocheting at our girls weekend. “We” made several hats for the current Craft Hope project.}

Early crafting ...
{The littlest girl … learning the art of crafting early.}

Snow fun ...
{The snowy mountains where we spent the weekend. We really didn’t take advantage of the snow, but did enjoy the snow covered trees and ground outside our windows … inside we were quite cozy in our PJ’s.}

Hello Trenti Iced Tea ...
{Our local Strarbucks introduced the Trenti (30 ounces) this week. I was still coming down off of girls weekend so I enjoyed the extra pick me up. Now a 30oz coffee/espresso drink? That is serious business. Like a “Lorelai Gilmore dream come true.}

My happy place ...
{My happy place. In my bed at the end of the day, snuggled under the chevron afghan my mom made me. I usually have to ‘unwind’ for an hour or so before I can go to sleep … mostly I read, but sometimes I play Words with Friends ;). How about you?}

Running ...
{Back at it … 2 runs in this week so far. Both in the beautiful sunshine. Both a little slow, but that’s okay. I did it and that is what counts.}

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  1. Looks like a busy week! Your gilmore girls reference made my morning haha – we’re yet to see the trenti by me yet.. can’t wait!

  2. I think we might need to stage an intervention soon. A TRENTI?!? Which SB is carrying it?

    I love that blanket your mom made! It’s so cute! I’ve moved on from Words With Friends. I’m onto Scrabble now.

    Happy Friday, friend! Looking forward to enjoying the sunshine with you & E later!

  3. Great pictures. I would love to have you link up at my first ever link party today!


  4. Found you through instafriday!!!
    Holy moly that is a gigantic drink haha!!! Too funny!
    And loving your blanket from your mom:) totally with you on having to unwind at the end of the day!
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Looks like you had a very productive, and satisfying week. That’s great! I always read at night before I go to sleep. Always.

  6. Great pictures! Here from instafriday..laughing at the Lorelai comment, so funny..loved Gilmore Girls. Love the coffee cozy :) good job for running! All that matters is you did it!

  7. Wow! A Trenti size is a lot of coffee! I think I would go insane if I drank that much! :O I don’t think I’ve seen them here in NZ, though.

  8. I used to read for an hour or two every night before bed…and then I got married. I usually just snuggle up with my husband. :)

    I love your chevron blanket! I’m crocheting a chevron tote right now…maybe someday I’ll have to try a blanket!

  9. Everytime I see a trenta I think of you! So glad you finally had one! XO!

  10. Love the yarn. Now I should get back to mine and finish knitting the cell phone cover.

  11. Sweet bajeezus did that say 3 miles in 29 minutes?!?! And you said SLOW?!?! I’d be passed out on the pavement. Good job on the running:)

    I love your chevron blanket! Looks so nice and comfy that you wouldn’t want to crawl out from under. What an awesome mama.

    I’ve already passed from Words with Friends to Draw Something. I tend to get a better laugh out of that, and laughter is always something we humans can use more of!

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