On the heart …

A little of what is on my heart lately::

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  • My heart is refreshed after a wonderful 48 hours of ‘girl time’ with a group of gals I have almost 100 years of combined friendship with. I know that I am blessed and so lucky to have friendships that go back 25 years. I’m also blessed that some of these girls are related to me. You can read this wonderful re-cap of my weekend if you’d like.
  • My heart is heavy these days for another child. This isn’t something I talk about often on this blog, but after 7 years of infertility, I start to think I’m dealing with it all pretty well. And well, one little ‘thing’ {a new ‘expecting’ announcement, a tv show, a blog post} can quickly remind me that I’m not dealing with it well. I have to stay focused on the life God has blessed me with and be patient in His timing. Joy in the journey, right?
  • Ashley’s ‘Cancer Chronicles‘ put my above heartache into perspective. Ashley lost her ability to carry another child … in fact her wanting another child led to the cancer she is now fighting. She is walking through this fire with grace and beauty and choosing JOY. I was thrilled to get in on the recent pre-order of ‘Choose Joy’ necklaces created for Lil’ Blue Boo by The Vintage Pearl. I am happy to help Ashley and her family in this teeny tiny way and have a daily reminder to choose joy … it is a choice.
  • My heart was happy as the sunshine streamed through the windows this morning. I sewed and laughed at the ‘Brian Regan’ station on Pandora. Laughing is so good for your heart. 
  • My heart is exercised after an afternoon run that got it pumping. It was a BEAUTIFUL day and this ‘fair weather’ runner couldn’t resist some time outside.

  • My heart is encouraged by the hearts of other women. Have you checked out the new blog, Beautifully Rooted? I’m so delighted to be a sponsor of this collaborative effort meant to uplift women. 

  • This song reminds my heart that all the trials here on earth are a reminder that … I’m not home yet.

Anything on your heart you feel like sharing?


  1. Sometimes its hard to choose joy. Ive been missing my brother a lot lately and this reminded me that God refines us with fire. In the good and the bad we need to choose joy even when its hard. Thank you for the reminder…it was needed today! Love you!

  2. You are such a wonderful example of a Godly, wise woman. No wonder I love you so much. Thank you for sharing your heart – and what a beautiful heart it is.


  3. Delightful blog! I’m a new follower! ♥♥

  4. I am now a follower, and find a great deal of inspiration on your blog. I have 3 children, and the first one came easily. Then no children for 7 years. Thankful for infirtility help. Our son and his wife have been wanting a family, so finally after much money, infirtility treatments etc., they have had twins with the help of invitro. Another friend is going through the foster program, with the emphasis on adoption. A 3 year old boy and his infant baby sister were just placed in their home. God moves in mysterious ways, so check all avenues. Thank you for sharing this great song. Sometimes we all have feelings like this. May you be blessed today.

  5. Like Jessica said, sometimes it’s so hard to choose joy and to trust that the Lord knows best. Praying for you!

  6. Thanks for sharing things ‘from the heart’. I can’t even talk about what’s going on in my life right now…it’s really that painful. You are absolutely right though…Joy is a choice. Many of us struggle with that each and every day. What an inspiration you are!

  7. May your heart be lifted by those of us who support you, somewhat anonymously through our comments on your lovely blog! You are an inspiration. Thanks for the song. I downloaded it to my music favorites.

  8. Wanting a child and not being able get pregnant is truly the hardest test of all time. I have been there. Do not give up. I know it requires digging very deep. And it is OK to feel like it is not fair b/c it isn’t. And you are only human. I wish I could magically make it happen for you because I would :)

  9. I loved this. Thank you for sharing your heart. I got pregnant just as planned, two years after we got married. Then i miscarried at 2 months and haven’t gotten pregnant since. We didn’t do fertility because the monthly disappointment was too much for me. We chose adoption and after 7 years of being married we got our first daughter from China. For our second daughter we went the birth mother route and got a new born. Both stories so different and so special. If you ever want to talk, don’t hesitate to email me!

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