Back to life … {WIWW}

… back to reality.

Except … no, I am not back to reality. I’m not sure how the stars aligned for this week, but it is one of the busies I can remember. If I make it to Sunday I am going to treat myself with a BIG FAT NAP.

Thankfully, two of the ‘big’ three for this week are done and both went swimmingly. Both of these back to back after arriving home from Snap! on Sunday. Speaking of Snap! I forgot to take any “WIWW” photos. And I’m bummed because I did my hair and make up all 3 days and that is saying A LOT. But really, I was true to my word and did not buy one new piece of clothing. I shopped my closet and well, took the two outfits you saw here along with two others.

So, for today’s “What I Wore Wednesday” post I thought it would be fun to compare and contrast.

Monday night I co-hosted a baby shower for my Bestie {who was part of my ‘entourage’ at Snap!}::

Dress – Old Navy {hello $6} / Necklace – Ann Taylor & Lisa Leonard Designs / Bracelet – Allora Handmade, Queen Bee Market at Snap! / Boots – Born

Tuesday night {last night} I hosted Bunko at my house {see what I mean, crazy week and it’s barely started}. I decided I was over the whole hair and make up bit and since I was serving up “breakfast for dinner” I would just wear my ‘lounge’ clothes::

Tank – Target / Sweatshirt – Roxy at Costco / PJ Pants – Target / Necklace – Amy Cornwell for Snap! / Socks – Champion at Costco {Yes I knew you really wanted to know about my socks. You’re welcome.}

And let me just talk about these pants a minute … LOVE.THEM. I am not a crazy tall person {about 5’7″}, but my legs are quite long and make it difficult to find PJ pants. They either look like high-waters/un-intentional capris OR I have to wear them so low it’s inappropriate. But these … these lovely knit Gilligan OMalley pants are not just long enough, they are extra long.

** I will post a Snap! re-cap {or two or three} once I can actually stop and breathe and not be planning the next event. So basically… next week! **

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Momma Go Round


  1. My pj pants are always too short! I’m 5’7″ as well…did you buy those recently? I’m going to have to get some, they’re so cute and look very comfy!

  2. You are too cute! I loved your outfit at the shower! I wish I would have worn my PJ’s to bunko…but i sleep in the buff so that would have been AWKWARD… jk :)

    I have a feeling you are going to crash HARD this weekend! Take it easy miss!

  3. i love both of your outfits! how you managed to look cute and cozy is beyond me!

  4. Super cute Old Navy dress! Did it become really short when you sat down? I’m only about 5′ 6″ but long legs and not exactly a spring chicken anymore, so I worry about things being too short.

  5. you are so sweet, and I’m excited to see another friend that does WIWW! Love that dress/bracelet combo;)

  6. Ohmygoodness, how cute are you?! Thanks for the Bunko last night– it was a blast!

  7. well i think you’ve started a new trend in lounge wear, no more short pants! you’ve gotta ask kelly what ash had to say about her lounge look today. hilarious girl of mine!
    don’t be surprised if i start showing up to bunko in my ‘comfy’ clothes.

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