Introducing a new look …

At the beginning of this year as I started to think and plan for Knitty Bitties my biggest goal was to create a more cohesive look and style for the products in my shop. I didn’t want to limit the items I created, to say 2 or 3 products, but I did want all of my product look like it went together.

As I brainstormed further with this idea of a cohesive look, I kept going back to the ‘thing’ that I enjoy the most, my best selling product and the compliment I hear the most …


I love creating ‘colorways’ of fabric to create my patchwork. My patchwork camera strap slipcovers have been my best seller since they were first introduced … and … the compliment I get the most is my pairings of color/fabric. It now seemed obvious.

I evaluated my best selling items and re-designed them to incorporate patchwork. I love all of them … I love them all more than any other version which tells me this is working for me and I trust for the shop too.

Introducing the new look of Knitty Bitties::

The list taker and mini wallet feature a patchwork accent, top stitching detail and a natural cotton to offset the color of the designer fabrics.

The iPad/tablet and eReader soft cases continue to feature a colorful gathered patchwork accented with a coordinating fabric on the front and back and a soft minky lining.

In addition to the new look, I’m also launching a few new items in the Knitty Bitties Home line::

The patchwork pillow covers feature a quilted patchwork pieced front, a layer of cotton batting and an interior layer of muslin. The cover has an envelope style closure on the back and rounded corners and all interior seams have been finished with a serger. All covers have been pre-washed/dried to give it that crinkly quilted finish.

The one-of-a-kind hoop art are made from up-cycled fabric scraps. A layer of batting makes the quilting stand out and bits of ric-rac accent the finished piece. The back is completely finished with a decorative piece of scrap book paper.

** I also have a new camera strap slipcover colorway and several new mug rugs & coffee coat/mug rug sets that I will be listing but ran out of time. **

All items will start showing up in the shop late tonight/early Saturday AM. I’d love to hear your feedback/thoughts on the new look and perhaps your favorite product.

Happy Friday!


  1. it’s all so cute! love the little bits of ricrac on the hoop art :)

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Great job!!

  3. ADORABLE!!!!

  4. Great idea to create a look that is distinctly “you” and your brand. I love it!

  5. You are a smart lady and I agree….your patchwork is fabulous!!!

  6. Love!! You are amazing!

  7. You do lovely work my friend! LOVE the pillows and everything else!

  8. It all looks fabulous! Wonderful job!

  9. Absolutely love it all! The pillows are great, really love those! I can’t even remember how long ago I bought my purse from you, but it’s still going strong! I’d really love to get another one in different colors, do you think it’s something you’ll ever make and stock in your shop or could I just get a custom order done? I can’t even bring myself to buy another purse and I’ve looked, but nothing fits my stuff as well as the one I got from you. :o)

  10. Girlfriend! Your beautiful creations continue to inspire me. I think I’ve made 3 purchases in the pat and I honestly cannot wait to have a little extra moola so I can make a few more purchases. Love, love, love! :)

  11. Your work is just lovely. Your eye for color and details shines in each piece. Congrats on a job well done. Best wishes that they are all snatched up in a heartbeat! :)

  12. They all look so great–you have an eye for putting patterns together, for sure. Glad I could say hi to you at Queen Bee!

  13. Those little projects are awesome.Love,love ,love!!

  14. perfect, that looks great, good idea! Now i’m going to have put in new orders to get everything in the patchwork edition. ;o) seriously!

  15. I have to get an e-reader and and I pad, because I want those cute covers!! Great job, everything is beautiful.

  16. oh! I love the kindle cover with the note pad! I’ve been looking for something like that forever! I use my nook to view knitting patterns but can’t find a case that lets me take notes! I’m headed to your etsy page right now!

  17. You nailed it! That hoop art is incredible and exactly what I needed for inspiration with some vintage quilt scraps! Beautiful items my dear. I hope my shop one day can be as cohesive as yours! Wow!

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