Prayers, Pics & Pups

Yep, this post will be as random as the title indicates.

Let’s just say that this movie quote has taken hold of my brain … “Andrea, you are chained to that desk!” Except in my case it’s … “Andrea, you are chained to that sewing machine!”

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining, really, I love being chained to the sewing machine. But when I do step away, the creative portion of my brain is depleted. So, until Snap! has come and gone, it’s likely that posts will be spotty and may lack the substantial content you’ve come to expect around here {bwahahahaha}.

Aside from sewing …

I managed to put together these cute little Easter treat bags for my Sunday School class.  I teach our 1st-3rd grade class {have I mentioned that before?}. I did a search on Pinterest and saw “The Jellybean Prayer” pinned several times. I thought it was a cute idea and ‘kinda’ gave the candy a spiritual emphasis. I typed up the poem in Adobe Illustrator and added a digital patterned paper background. Then printed, cut and wrapped in packaging tape in lieu of laminating {classy, no?}. Then I threw in the plastic jumping bunny … so the spiritual emphasis was probably lost. To make up for it, we did make Resurrection Rolls and read through John’s account of the Crucifixion.

I had a ‘baby shower planning’ date last night at Starbucks with two wonderful friends. I’m now thinking every Monday should end with a Starbucks girlfriend date, shower planning or not. We’re throwing a shower for my bestie who lives out of town, but is passing through as she escorts me to Snap!. I can’t give away the shower ‘theme’ because I want her to be surprised … but it is going to be CUTE and I can’t wait to share … in a month or so ;).

{P.S. Have you tried Starbucks’ new Brown Sugar Walnut petite pastry?? Oh my. It’s a very gourmet version of a brown sugar Pop Tart … Mmmmm.}

Instagram finally made it to the Android world. I can now stop using my Flickr account for my ‘Instagram-want-to-be’ pics and you can start following me and all of my incredibly exciting on going {KnittyBitties on Instagram}.

And just for fun … because I  haven’t shared a picture of her lately … our Daisy girl …

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Love that cute pup! Those Easter packages were a big hit! You’re a great teacher!! Can’t wait to celebrate that new little boy!!

  2. What a cutie—that dog of yours I mean;)

    Jelly bean prayer…huh…I will have to get that to go over with my 4yr old son:) Thanks for the insight!

  3. Aw, that puppy face! :)

    SO happy to see you on Instagram, too! Happy Wednesday!

  4. And the award for the tallest ears goes to…Miss Daisy! What a cutie =) Hope you have a great Wednesday =)

  5. I agree about Monday nights. Or any night of the week really. I wouldn’t complain :)

    The shower is going to be CUH-UTE!

    InstaGram being an Android app now seriously makes me considering giving into the smartphone.

  6. Amanda says:

    Happy Easter! I’m handing out jelly beans in an easter egg this morning to all the kids at church with the prayer attached, such a cute idea!

    And hello instagram! I’m so excited too!!

    Enjoy your day!

  7. My mom would be proud of the packaging-tape-laminating solution. She has at least 100 uses for packaging tape including the laminating. At my sister’s homecoming dance, the homecoming queen’s dress’s zipper busted and, you guessed it, my mom taped her back together. Have a great week!


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