Daring to wear …

… COLORED pants!! 

pleated poppy

Yes, it’s true, I’ve fallen for the current ‘color’ trend and have had my eye on a pair of colored jeans. I started my quest thinking I’d go for coral, but kept being drawn to green.

The thing is, I’d find a color/price I loved, but then they wouldn’t have my size. Or I’d find a color/size I liked, only to have it be too much $$ to spend on what could be a ‘one hit wonder’ in my wardrobe.

Last week after reading Lisa’s post about her colored jeans, I made a stop at Target and picked up a pair in orangey/red color Lisa had shown. They fit well and at $25 they didn’t break the bank. Next dilema? What would I wear with them besides a white top??

{Blouse & Pants – JCP, Necklace – Kohl’s, Watch – Nine West/Macys, Shoes – Life Stride/DSW}

Well the next day I went shopping with my Mom and Seester and we landed at JCP. {Have you been there since they re-did their branding/marketing?? I kinda like it.} I remembered in a WIWW post Kristen had said she got her colored pants at JCP. I finally spotted some and guess what? They were cheaper than the Target pair {bisou bisou // $20}, were a much lighter weight that would work for summer AND they were green.

I realized that I have a lot of coral tops that would work great with green.

That didn’t stop me from grabbing a new top {$12} to go with the pants though …

Such a fun outfit to celebrate Mothers’ day in :D.

Confession time … What do you think of the colored jeans/pants trend?


  1. I like the colored pants but isn’t there a saying about being part of a trend the first time around means you are too old to be a part of it the second time around??? :S Maybe I can talk my daughter into getting a pair of colored jeans and I can live vicariously through her. 😉 Ahhhhhhh, the red jeans I had so many years ago…LOVED THEM! I had BLUE jeans too but they weren’t blue jeans…kwim?

  2. You can rock any style my dear! I’ve been watching everyone else around me dip their toes in this new trend but I’m scared! Lets see more pictures of how you pare the pants and you may just get me off the sidelines :)

  3. I’ve never tried any on, but I feel like I couldn’t pull it off…although I’ve never been able to pull off the skinny jean look, either. I think they look fabulous on you, though! Love the color & the top!

  4. Gosh, I like the colored jeans…but I worry that I wouldn’t wear them that often. Have you worn them much??? : )

  5. stopping by from the pleated poppy! i love your pants… i have some myself, but i seem to have trouble styling them. they just hang in my closet most of the time :(

  6. Love the green pants! Cute look.

  7. i love the colored jeans, i wore my first pair (mint colored) on easter … i think they’re super cute! you look great, i like that picture of you and E, so sweet.

  8. green pants! so brave. very cute.

  9. If anyone can pull off colored pants, you can. I am not brave enough for that one!

  10. I love the look, and you look fabulous. But my old granny butt says “no, no, no”. I do own a pair of olive green that aren’t too bad, but not sure of the more summer colors. Like the thought, though. Maybe 15lbs slimmer!!!???

  11. I think they’re super fun. In my svelt dreams I wear them too.

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