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How was your week?
Mine was a bit of a roller coaster …

Mother’s Day “Weekend” was WONDERFUL. Time with my Mom & Seester and then a lovely Sunday with my boys.

While my boys worked on a homemade carrot cake for me {I know, how did I get so lucky … a man that bakes? And is training our Little to as well? Pinch me!} …

I went for my long run … and it was LONG and hard. I’m not going to sugar coat it. I did not drink enough water, it was warmer than I was used and it was long. But I did it and I’m going to do it again tomorrow at my first 10K race of the year.

Lunch outside after church on Sunday. Perfect.

Enjoying the homemade carrot cake while be serenaded with “Happy Mother’s Day to You …”

And then I had to get to work on the samples I had to finish for Quilt Market. Which had me up until 3AM Sunday night.

Good thing this little one came over to brighten up my day a little {as did her mama who brought me iced tea and lunch!!}. The rest of the day was tough, physically and emotionally I was exhausted, sore and just done with it all. My shoulder hurt so bad I was almost in tears.

I managed to finish the samples up on Tuesday … and couldn’t help but think of Caroline as I sewed this last dress.

I went for a run that night, but my shoulder was still giving me trouble. I put this out on Instagram … “Pretty sure the last 10 days of sewing + more running has left me with tendinitis in my right shoulder :(. Can I run without moving my arm? ;)” My oh so helpful sister commented, “Obviously, t-Rex was known to be pretty fast and I think that would be a good look for you ;).”

After weeks of not having enough time, I was able to finish out the week really ‘loving on my house’ and resting my shoulder. Do you know what I mean, loving on my house? I mean getting to cook, clean and do all those things that really bring comfort and peace and rest to the house and most importantly to my family.

It was so fun to cook in the new apron I got for Mother’s Day.

Looking forward to a FUN weekend and an even more FUN birthday week. Monday will be a HUGE fabric giveaway in celebration of Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day and my birthday!

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  1. Oi, sounds like a rough week! Chris calls quilting (or sewing, in general) the blood sport. Maybe we can rename it to include shoulder injuries? Good luck on your race tomorrow– you’ll do great!

  2. I didn’t realize your shoulder was sore from sewing or I probably wouldn’t have teased you so 😉 But you have to admit, picturing you in your sparkle skirt whilst T-Rex running is pretty funny. Hope this week treats you much better, it ought to b/c it’s your birthday week!!!

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